Cyber warfare escalates as hackers target websites amid Israel-Hamas conflict

Amid an unexpected attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Israel, which involved the use of paragliders for infiltration, a simultaneous cyber conflict unfolded. Hacking groups began targeting Israeli websites. In the midst of this turmoil, a Pro-India group entered the fray, further intensifying the digital battlefield.

Israel faced an unexpected infiltration by Hamas terrorists who launched a ground attack backed by the intense missile attack on Saturday. The brutal attack resulted in casualties and the abduction of around 900 people, including 73 soldiers in Israel. Several individuals have reportedly been taken hostage.

On October 8, the Israel-based media outlet Jerusalem Post reported that it had fallen victim to multiple cyberattacks, leading to a site crash that rendered it inaccessible from various locations. The attack was orchestrated by hacking group Anonymous Sudan.

In another alarming incident, the Red Alert phone app system in Israel, which plays a pivotal role in providing real-time alerts during rocket and missile attacks, reported being targeted by a hacktivist group calling themselves Anon Ghost.

Coordinated Cyber Operations: OpIsrael and OpsRise

Meanwhile, the cyber landscape has witnessed a surge in activity with coordinated operations on the rise. "Ghost of Palestine," a pro-Palestine online group, has initiated a major cyber campaign, rallying hackers worldwide under the banner of #OpIsrael. Their objective is to target Israel's cyber infrastructure, fortifying the cyber resistance against Israel.

Notably, another pro-Palestine hacking alliance, comprising "Ghost Clan" and "Black Shield Crew MY," has issued a warning, signalling an impending cyber offensive against Israel under the banner of "OpsRise." These developments underscore the escalating digital confrontations within the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict as various hacker groups engage in cyber warfare.

According to information shared by the Twitter handle @Cyberknow20, a substantial collection of 35 Pro-Palestine hacker groups has consistently focused their efforts on Israel. Of particular concern is a recent announcement revealing collaboration between two pro-Russian hacking entities, Anonymous Sudan and Killnet, as they jointly set their sights on Israel's cyber infrastructure.

This series of cyberattacks has seen various pro-Palestine hacker groups systematically targeting multiple governments and other websites in Israel. Among the notable incidents, Garnesia Team has claimed responsibility for attacks on government sites, including the Municipality of Jerusalem and the National Insurance Institute. The ACEH Hackers Group has also made its mark by targeting various Israeli websites, including Cello, USHOPS, and CASTRO.

Team Herox Hackers Group turned their attention to "The Occupation Magazine" website. Meanwhile, Ganosec Team successfully executed an attack that temporarily took down the website of the Israeli Security Agency.

In a separate incident, KEP Team claimed responsibility for targeting the website of the Otzma Yehudit Political party in Israel, as reported by cybersecurity researcher @FalconFeedsio.

Pro-India Group Launches Cyberattack on Palestine

Additionally, the Pro-India hacking group, “Indian Cyber Force,” has emerged as a prominent player in the Pro-Israel hacktivist arena. They've successfully launched cyberattacks on Palestinian websites, impacting several targets such as the Hamas official website, Palestine National Bank website, and more.

In response, Pro-Palestine hacker groups are retaliating with DDoS attacks on Delhi government websites, reflecting the escalating cyber conflicts tied to the Israel-Palestine issue. However, the Delhi government website appeared functional on Monday.

These incidents collectively underscore the dynamic and evolving nature of conflicts in the digital realm, highlighting the critical importance of cybersecurity in contemporary geopolitical struggles. 



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