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Five dead in ongoing protest in China

The separatism in china is growing and the Uighars are revolting. Call it Islamic separatism or chinese oppression doesnt matter but the fire has been lit. IBNLIVE Urumqi (China): Five people died in unrest this week in the far-west Chinese city of Urumqi, its deputy mayor said on Friday, after a third day of protests which were broken up by police using tear gas. Han Chinese protesters massed in the capital of the Xinjiang region, angry at authorities they blamed for failing to control a spate of syringe attacks and being slow to bring to trial ethnic Uighurs charged with deadly rioting on July 5. The demonstrations are a rare direct challenge to the government by middle class urbanites, and could inflame ethnic resentments as Beijing prepares to showcase the nation's achievements on October 1, the 60th anniversary of Communist rule. Troops blocked protesters' access to neighbourhoods that are home to Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking Muslim people native to the energy-rich region.

Afghan anger after scores die in NATO air strike

The fireworks and bloodbaths have come to stay here or so it looks like. Reuters By Fraidoun Elham KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A U.S. warplane summoned by German troops fired on hijacked fuel trucks in Afghanistan before dawn Friday, killing as many as 90 people in an incident that could trigger a backlash against NATO. NATO initially said it believed the casualties were all Taliban fighters, but later acknowledged that large numbers of wounded civilians were being treated in hospitals in the area. Villagers said their relatives were siphoning fuel from the hijacked trucks and were burned alive in a giant fireball. Patients arrived in hospitals completely covered with burns. President Hamid Karzai's office gave a death toll of 90. It said he was deeply saddened and had sent investigators. "No civilians must be harmed during military operations," Karzai said in a statement. "Targeting civilians under no circumstances is acceptable." The incident, which too

Afghan anger after scores die in NATO air strike

The fireworks and bloodbaths have come to stay here or so it looks like. Reuters By Fraidoun Elham KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A U.S. warplane summoned by German troops fired on hijacked fuel trucks in Afghanistan before dawn Friday, killing as many as 90 people in an incident that could trigger a backlash against NATO. NATO initially said it believed the casualties were all Taliban fighters, but later acknowledged that large numbers of wounded civilians were being treated in hospitals in the area. Villagers said their relatives were siphoning fuel from the hijacked trucks and were burned alive in a giant fireball. Patients arrived in hospitals completely covered with burns. President Hamid Karzai's office gave a death toll of 90. It said he was deeply saddened and had sent investigators. "No civilians must be harmed during military operations," Karzai said in a statement. "Targeting civilians under no circumstances is acceptable." The incident, which took p

Car bomb damages stock exchange in Athens

The clear up's begun after a car bomb was detonated outside the Greek capital's stock exchange building..

Athens bourse attack reminds of BSE scar

Car bomb seems to have reached the greek capital. TOI MUMBAI: The car bomb blast that has damaged the Athens Stock Exchange luckily seems to have only slightly injured one person. The Greek government has denounced it as the work of a far left group, most probably the Revolutionary Struggle urban terrorist organisation, which was established after last year’s riots over the police shooting of a teenage boy. But whatever the local reasons, there are some in Mumbai who will feel a chill of recognition. It is 16 years since the Bombay Stock Exchange was attacked during the 1993 bomb blasts in the city. Dalal Street has moved on since then, and shows next to no sign of the blasts, but there are still those who were wounded both physically and mentally, and who have grounds to regret the attraction that stock exchanges have always held for terrorists. Such prominent symbols of capitalism are naturally tempting targets. And the fact that they tend to have more people moving through them an

Afghanistan deputy spy chief among 23 dead in blast

Reuters report By Rafiq Sherzad MEHTAR LAM, Afghanistan (Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed Afghanistan's powerful deputy head of intelligence and at least 22 other people in an attack on Wednesday claimed by the Taliban . Abdullah Laghmani, deputy head of the National Directorate for Security, was one the highest-ranking security officials in President Hamid Karzai's government to be killed in the conflict. The Taliban said he was targeted for assassination. In other developments, new preliminary vote tallies showed Karzai inching closer to a first-round victory in last month's presidential election but the outcome remains so close that fraud investigations could decide if a run-off is needed. The poll was a major test for Karzai after eight years in power and for U.S. President Barack Obama 's strategy of sending more troops to fight an increasingly lethal foe in what Washington sees as the frontline in its war on terrorism. Laghman province governor Lutfullah Masha

Al-Qaeda militant killed in North Caucasus

A member of Al-Qaeda has been killed by police, along with another militant, in Russia's Republic of Dagestan in the North Caucasus.

Suicide bomber kills 12 in Pakistan

A militant blew himself up at a police station in Pakistan's northwestern Swat Valley.

Georgian involvement in Afghan war - key to NATO door?

American military specialists are beginning to train Georgian troops set to join the war in Afghanistan. But, the question remains, what is behind Tbilisi's decision to throw their servicemen onto the frontline?

Arroyo to seek Africa help vs pirates

Global ntion enquirer  Well may be but it needs an international will to face the sea pirates and wipe them off the seas. Unless somecountries supporting are cornered it cannot be achieved. « Previous Next » 1 MANILA, Philippines—President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will seek the support of the 53-nation African Union (AU) to combat international piracy, particularly in Somali waters, which has affected many Filipino sailors, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Monday. The President’s lean delegation left for Tripoli Monday at the invitation of Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi for a special summit of the AU which coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Libyan Revolution. The delegation is composed of Foreign Secretary Alberto G. Romulo, Labor Secretary Marianito Roque, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, Press Secretary Cerge M. Remonde and Foreign Unders

US soldier killed by roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan

A US Soldier killed and who caes when a 100 and 1000 people killed by suicide bombers through decades. It doesnt even make in to the news pages. monster and critics Kabul - A US soldier was killed in a roadside bomb blast in southern Afghanistan, the NATO alliance said Tuesday.    The soldier, who was serving under the banner of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), died of wounds he sustained in a roadside explosion Monday, an ISAF statement said.    The incident happened on the same day two other US soldiers and two British troops were killed in the southern province of Helmand in similar attacks.    Monday's deaths took the total number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan in August to 48, making it the deadliest month for US troops since their deployment to Afghanistan in late 2001.    More than 300 foreign troops have lost their lives this year, more than in any other year since the invasion. More than 100,000 international troops from 42 nations

Suicide Blast Kills 16 in Pakistan's Swat Valley

The blasts are in a series of attacks on the pakistani forces. VOA By Ayaz Gul Islamabad A Pakistani police officer stands at the site of a suicide bombing in Mingora, the main town of Pakistan's troubled Swat Valley, Sunday, 30 Aug. 2009 Officials in Pakistan say a suicide bomb has killed at least 16 police recruits in the Swat region, where Taliban insurgents have had their stronghold until recently. This is the second major suicide bombing in the country's northwest within the past week, raising fears Taliban militants have regrouped and are hitting back. Provincial Information Minister Iftikhar Hussain tells VOA the deadly suicide attack in Mingora, the main town of the Swat Valley, targeted a police training facility and instantly killed 14 people. The minister says that up to 70 volunteers for a new community police force were holding their daily drills when a suicide bomber entered the training ground and detonated his explosives. He desc

Blast kills 16 Pakistan cadets; NATO trucks bombed

AP Islamabad please learn from the mistakes adn stop sponsoring terrorism coz, it can turn against you anytime as is evident. By KAY JOHNSON and ASIF SHAHZAD (AP) – 1 day ago ISLAMABAD — Bombings targeted a Pakistani police station and set a NATO fuel convoy ablaze Sunday, killing 16 cadets in the northwest's Swat Valley and threatening the supply line to international forces in Afghanistan in a separate attack near the border. The two blasts hours apart and hundreds of miles from each other came as Pakistani officials said the Taliban were ramping up strikes to avenge recent setbacks, including the loss of territory to the military and the death of their top leader in a CIA missile strike near the Afghan border. Pakistan's military has in recent months intensified its fight against the al-Qaida-linked extremists, who threaten stability in the nuclear-armed nation and are suspected of helping plot attacks against U.S. and NATO troops across the border in Afghanistan. The sui

No bomb fragments found in Jolo blast site

Phillipines hit by another bomb blast. terror has no boundaries and certainly no rules. By Julie Alipala Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 17:37:00 08/31/2009 ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - The Western Mindanao Command said no fragment of the bomb that exploded Sunday night in Jolo, Sulu has been found. Two soldiers were injured when an improvised bomb exploded on an interior road in the village of Bus-bus in Jolo, Sulu, on Sunday night. But Maj. Gen. Ben Dolorfino, Western Mindanao Command chief, said it was surprising that not a single trace of fragment was recovered from the blast site. "Walang na recover yung mga miyembro ng EOD (Members of the Exlosives and Ordnance Unit did not recover anything), but the explosion resulted in a two-foot crater along the road," he said. Dolorfino declared the attack as the handiwork of terrorists. "Definitely it's terrorism," Dolorfino said, but he did not blame any specific group. Supt. Alibuddin Esmail,

Indonesian police: Terrorist infiltrated airline

AP Well tried and Indonesian police stop sleeping man. You need to pick up the challenge and then everything will settle down. Coz there is no alternative to fighting back. By NINIEK KARMINI (AP) – 1 day ago JAKARTA, Indonesia — A suspect wanted in connection with hotel suicide bombings in the Indonesian capital infiltrated the national airline in a plot to carry out a "bigger attack," the police chief said Monday. The suspect, identified only as Syahrir, was recruited by a militant network and had been working as a technician with the airline, Garuda Indonesia, said National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri. Documents seized by police uncovered the plot to strike Indonesia's airline sector, he said, without providing details about when or how the attack was supposed to have taken place. Syahrir resigned from the airline and remains at large, Danuri said. The blasts at the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels on July 17 killed seven people and wounded more t

Car bomb in southern Russia kills 1, injures 13

ETAIWANNEWS A man who was stopped by traffic police in Russia's southern region of Dagestan detonated explosives in his car Tuesday, killing a passer-by and injuring 13 other people.Dagestan Interior Ministry spokesman Mark Tolchinsky said the blast occurred at a traffic checkpoint on the outskirts of Dagestan's capital city, Makhachkala. Tolchinsky told the AP that the police post was partly destroyed in the blast. In stopping the car, the traffic police managed to avert a large-scale terrorist attack in Makhachkala, Dagestan's Interior Minister Ali Magomedov said in a statement. Dagestan suffers such attacks frequently. The violence, which plagues a broader area within Russia's North Caucasus, stems from two bloody wars in nearby Chechnya and is blamed on separatists. Russian news agencies reported a separate blast in Chechnya Tuesday that injured three troops belonging to the region's Interior Ministry. This year has seen an intensifi

Years wasted in Afghan effort, UN official says

Well its a realistaion that has not come very late but nevertheless co-ordinated and concerted efforts do pay off. Yahoo By JASON STRAZIUSO, Associated Press Writer Jason Straziuso, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 55 mins ago KABUL – The international community has wasted years in Afghanistan by not coordinating its efforts, a top U.N. official said Tuesday on the eve of a meeting by U.S. and European envoys to discuss the country's recent election and deteriorating security. Senior officials from 27 countries — including special U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke — were to meet Wednesday in Paris, where officials were expected to urge Afghans to take more responsibility in the almost eight-year international effort to rebuild the country. Kai Eide, the top U.N. official in Afghanistan, said the international community needs to embrace well-coordinated, big-picture goals that will help Afghanistan in the long term. "The

UN condemns ETimor militia leader's release

well be it the militia or otherwise they have fought and the result was material enough to justify their fight. He has been in jail and is been given amnesty. Does the International community need to poke in every issue of an independent nation. Yahoo Tue Sep 1, 10:57 am ET DILI (AFP) – The United Nations condemned Tuesday the release of an Indonesian former militia leader accused of taking part in a massacre of civilians in East Timor in 1999. The UN said earlier this week that Martenus Bere had been released Sunday ahead of national celebrations commemorating 10 years since East Timor won independence from Indonesia in a UN-backed referendum. East Timor's government has refused to confirm Bere's release but Indonesian foreign ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah told AFP on Tuesday that Bere had already been moved from detention to Indonesia's embassy in Dili. "He's still in Dili and we're now processing his return to Indonesia,&quo

Nigeria amnesty panel says in talks with militant leaders

The African continent has been distrubed area for a long time and more and more diplaced internally, victims are moving and growing. Here is an effort to amnesty. Yahoo 38 mins ago ABUJA (AFP) – A Nigerian presidential panel on implementing an amnesty for armed activists announced Tuesday that it was holding "informal talks" with key leaders of the various groups in the oil-rich Niger Delta. "We, members of the amnesty panel, are in informal talks with everybody including Tompolo and Ateke Tom," the panel's spokesperson, Timiebi Koripamo-Agary, told AFP. Government "Tompolo" Ekpemupolo of the Federated Niger Delta Ijaw Communities and Ateke Tom of the Niger Delta Vigilante force are two of the leaders of the region's militant groups , which have in the past three years sabotaged oil installations and kidnapped hundreds of oil workers. "There is no ne

Iraq: Key figures since the war began

Some facts woth a look on IRAQ action by the International forces. AP on YAHOO By The Associated Press The Associated Press – 18 mins ago U.S. TROOP LEVELS: _ October 2007 : 170,000 at peak of troop buildup. _Aug. 31, 2009: 130,000 CASUALTIES: _Confirmed U.S. military deaths as of Sept. 1, 2009: at least 4,337. _Confirmed U.S. military wounded (hostile) as of Aug. 31, 2009: 31,483. _Confirmed U.S. military wounded (non-hostile, using medical air transport) as of Aug. 1, 2009: 38,199. _ U.S. military deaths for Aug. 2009: 7. This is the lowest number since the war began in March 2003 . _Deaths of civilian employees of U.S. government contractors as of June 30, 2009: 1,395. _Iraqi deaths in August 2009 from war-related violence: at least 425, up from last month

Russians mark 5 years since Beslan school tragedy

Well may be other countries need to pick a couple of lessons from the russians. The case study at the beslan school attack is worth every minute. Yahoo on AP By MIKE ECKEL, Associated Press Writer Mike Eckel, Associated Press Writer – 17 mins ago BESLAN, Russia – Tuesday would have been Georgy Daurov's very first day of school. His mother, Svetlana, scoffed at the idea that the passage of time could ease the sorrow of losing her 2-year-old son five years ago in Russia 's worst terrorist attack. "Time heals all wounds — the person who thought that up never had anyone die, never mind a young son," she said, tears streaming down her face. "We live with this every day of our lives." The ragged wails of mothers, fathers, grandparents and neighbors echoed again out the jagged roof and broken windows of Beslan's School No. 1 on Tuesday. What is the first d

LeT operative held in Delhi tried to lure Maharashtra youths

 mo reprive from the terror mongers and what do we do to pacify them or do we just go on annihilating them. May be but how can peace be found by annihilation. Again the hands are bound. zeenews Updated on Tuesday, September 01, 2009, 22:59 IST Tags:LeT, Delhi, Maharashtra Lucknow: Suspected LeT operative Mohammad Aslam, arrested in New Delhi on August 25, had allegedly motivated some youth of Maharashtra to join the terror group, Uttar Pradesh Police said on Tuesday. Aslam, who is taken to here to investigate his alleged involvement in terror cases in the state, told investigating agencies that whenever he used to visit his native place in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir his LeT bosses had asked him to motivate youth to join the group, sources said. He confessed that he tried to influence a few youths of Maharashtra to join the banned group after hesitating for some time. The sources said Amir Shakel Ahmed Sheikh arrested in 2006 in Aurangabad in connection with recovery

Pakistan forces kill 40 militants in Khyber raids

Some call it human rights violations but pakistan come on go ahead and make yourself at peace. there is no turning around, if any human rights violations can be corrected later on but the momentum should not stop. Everybody has a duty to perform. AP By RIAZ KHAN (AP) – 1 hour ago PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Government forces destroyed four militant bases and killed 40 insurgents Tuesday in a new offensive near Pakistan's famed Khyber Pass, the main route for supplies to U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, authorities said. The offensive follows a suicide blast in the region last week that killed 19 police officers at a key border crossing. Tariq Hayat, the top administrator in Khyber, told reporters 40 militants were killed and 43 arrested. The four destroyed bases belonged to the militant group Lashkar-e-Islam, he said. The death toll could not be independently verified. The military paraded the detainees — blindfolded with their own shirts and hands tied — at Hayat's press brief

Over 50 ultras waiting to infiltrate into India: Army

Well the end is far away and infiltration / jihad are on the way proxy war still continues. pakistan cant u ever learn your lessons. PTINEWS STAFF WRITER 21:3 HRS IST Yole Cantonment(HP), Sep 1 (PTI) Pakistan is building fortifications along the border and more than 50 militants are waiting to infiltrate into Jammu sector from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, a top army officer said here today. "They (Pakistan) have dug up bunkers and ditches and set up a few observation towers along Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab borders," General Officer Commanding of 9 Corps Lt. Gen. E M Nair told reporters here. Nearly 50 to 60 militants from PoK are waiting to sneak into Jammu sector prompting army to keep a hawk-eye vigil at the borders, he said as the 9 Corps celebrated its fifth anniversary. The 9 Corps commands an operational area from Jammu to Himachal Pradesh with its headquarters at Yole Cantonment located on the foothills of Macleodganj, the abode of Tibetan spiritual lea