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Join the Sikh Massacre Remembrance Week & Blood donation Drive.

The 1984 sikh riots were massacre and pogrom on the sikhs but nobody dares call it as such. Cant we break the silence and think about the past so that the mistakes and cruelty never repeats... 23 years ago, in November 1984, more than 10 thousand Sikhs were hunted down all over India. They were burnt alive, the girls were gang raped then killed and the Sikh's properties worth billions of dollars was looted and destroyed. Since 1984, the successive Indian Governments have been fooling the people by setting up various commissions. The failure to punish the guilty indicates the complicity of the Government and its agencies in the "Sikh Massacre". Instead of prosecution, the perpetrators of this heinous crime were awarded with medals or rewarded with promotions. But on the contrary the Sikhs who voiced against the carnage were branded as terrorists and killed in fake encounters. The people who were clearly responsible for this carnage enjoyed political patronage and administr

Boomerang of Radical Islam and terrorism in Pakistan

If the latest statistics from the SATP ( SOUTH ASIATERRORISM PORTAL )an apex think tank on South asian terrorism is to be taken note of the Boomerang is the word used for pakistan for the Terror nurturement it has been doing in the name of supporting freedom struggles. A total of 2,056 people had lost their lives in terrorist incidents in India up to October 10 this year. Including the Ajmer blast that happened after that date, in which 3 people died, the number would now stand at 2,059. SATP figures put the casualties in Pakistan till October 10 at 2,151. Islamist extremism has been used by Pakistan, as an instrument of state policy since the 1980s to further the country’s foreign policy goals vis-à-vis Afghanistan and India, and its quest for ‘strategic depth’. The Pakistani state and the Taliban had co-sponsored a terrorist network that essentially relied on Madrassas (seminaries) and terrorist training camps located in Pakistan and (previously) in Afghanistan. There are an estimat