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The Naxalsim menace

The RED Terror A PROJECT ON NAXALITES FACT India has commissioned a new exhibition on Maoist Terrorism, what the PM of India says as "the single largest threat to India" naxalism. The Exhibition features the Maoist, leftwing Ultras the problem of what has come to be known as Naxalism a movement which started off as a small uprising of people in Naxalbari an unknown village in west bengal to a blodywar that lost its ideology. The objective is to portray the sufferings and danger that the leftwing ultras, Naxalism is bringing to the people of India. The unity and sovereignty of India needs to be protected. The fact that gun can never be the only solution needs to be highlighted. Socio-economic development can be an effective solution along with a strategy for maintaining Law and Order. The efforts of Non Governmental organisations in disarming people with dangerous violent ideologies is an important factor. The ancient techniques such as pranayama can also help to bring th