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Kashmiri separatists are isolated from reality Colonel Dr Anil A Athale (retd)

source: Colonel Dr Anil A Athale (retd) September 02, 2008 The second part of Colonel Athale's analysis of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir [ Images ] Part I: Why Kashmir is up in flames In a television debate, National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah mocked a Jammu Muslim who supported the agitation. Little does he or others realise that the Muslims of Jammu have also suffered from the stupid government policy of appeasing the separatists and kicking the nationalists. Just one example should suffice. School teachers' jobs in even remote Jammu regions go to Kashmiris from the valley. The teachers so appointed (at a good salary) are absent most of the time except on the first every month to collect their salary. The education levels among Jammu's Muslims are abysmal. In a tehsil of Mendhar in Poonch district, for example, there is not a single graduate! In Rajouri division, when I led a team of scientists ten years ago (in an attempt at bringing in horticul