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Jharkhand MLA killed in Naxal attack

Jharkhand MLA killed in Naxal attack 7/9/2008 6:41:16 PM Ramesh Singh Munda (Photo by Mahadeo Sen) Ram

Red banner of terrorism

From Daily pioneer Francois Gautier Mao Tse-Tung and his Little Red Book may have been all but forgotten in China where the revolution has been overtaken by free market economics. But here in India, Maoists continue to spread their deadly tentacles through terror and intimidation It is not often nowadays that one can praise the Government. But in the case of Maoism, one has to, for not only everything has been tried, from negotiation to coercion, but the Government is facing a deadly and ruthless enemy which does not hesitate to kill and maim, so sure that it is in the sincerity of its purpose. In most of the world, Communism is practically dead. One cannot call China a Communist country anymore -- indeed, there may not be a more ruthless capitalist nation in the world today. Even Cuba is slowly inching towards free trade. In India though, not only is Communism alive, but it is flourishing. You will find Communist Governments in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. The present Congress Gov

New left still maintains the old heroes

Wednesday June 18 2008 09:25 IST Francois Gautier From: WHEN we were young, our heroes were Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, or even Pol Pot. Of course, in time, we learnt about the crimes of Mao, who killed millions of his own people — Pol Pot, of course was even more of a monster. Stalin was not much better. Thus, in most of the world, communism is practically dead. One cannot call China anymore a communist country —indeed, there may not be a more ruthless capitalistic nation today — and even Cuba is inching towards free trade. In India though, not only is communism not dead, it is flourishing ! You find communist governments in West Bengal, partly in Kerala or Tripura and the present Congress government owes its survival to the communists. In a way, it is positive. You see a youth like Nandan, filmmaker Mani Ratnam's son, who was a “Red Volunteer” at a recent CPI-M meet in Chennai. Or you come across an ardent communist like Dr Binayak Sen, now in jail. Communists often

Interview: Navin Patnaik, (From TEHELKA)

From: Tehelka in cold blood ‘The Naxalites will die a painful death’ Orissa CM Naveen Patnaik tells BIBHUTI PATI that a police boat was sunk by Naxal rebels only by accident Photo: Shailendra Pandey You have often said the state government was fully geared to handle the Naxal menace? This is nothing but terrorism. The attack was brutal. In the name of helping the poor, the Naxalites are murdering innocents in manner that is nothing but barbaric. But if Greyhound soldiers cannot handle the Naxal firepower, do you think the state’s police force stands a chance? It was an accident. Terrorist activities can take place anywhere in the country. That does not mean the state’s police force is not competent. We have launched a modernisation programme for the police. I recently had a discussion with Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil on this very issue. Many are saying the Naxalites are now better trained and have better weapons? No, I do not