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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says France flawed policy inMiddle East partly to blame for attacks

Source Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  File Photo   AFP photo Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday condemned Friday's deadly attacks by Islamic State in Paris but said the West's "flawed" policies in Syria, especially that of France, was partly to blame. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a coordinated assault by gunmen and bombers that killed 127 people at locations across Paris. President  Francois Hollande  said amounted to an act of war against France. France launched air strikes against Islamic State in  Syria  in September, saying it wanted to prevent the group from carrying out attacks against French interests and protect Syrian civilians. "The flawed policies pursued by Western countries and especially  France  as regards what is happening in our region ... contributed

After Paris attacks, security stepped up in Delhi and Mumbai

Source Security arrangements in Delhi and Mumbai were stepped up hours after deadly terror strikes in Paris left more than 120 people dead. Gunmen and bombers struck busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations around Paris on Friday, in what a shaken President Francois Hollande described as an unprecedented terrorist attack. Eight attackers were killed -- seven of them by their suicide vests. Hours after the Paris attack, the number of armed guards posted at watch booths outside Mumbai airport’s domestic terminals and patrolling teams operating in the vicinity was doubled. In Delhi, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) headquarters sounded out a ‘high alert’ asking all airports to fortify its entrances facing the city. “The alert stated increasing security cover towards to entry points towards the city keeping the nature of attacks in

Raids and arrest in Brussels in connection with Paris attacks

Several raids have taken place and one man has been arrested in Brussels in connection with last night's attacks in Paris. It follows reports that three of the men who massacred over 100 people in Paris last night lived in the city's Molenbeek suburb. According to  Belgian broadcaster RTBF , local authorities have refused to confirm or deny the raids, but reporters have witnessed raids at three buildings. The Federal Prosecutor's office will hold a press conference later it the day. It comes after French media said officers wanted to trace a suspicious black car with Belgian plates that was seen near the Bataclan venue, where more than 80 people were killed. Meanwhile, a police source in France has said one of the bombers was a young French man known for links with Islamic extremism. The same source said that the gunman had been identified by his fingerprints. French broadcaster BFMTV said that in addition to a Syrian passport found at the scene of a deadly stadium attack i

ISIS claims the Paris attack

the Islamic State claim Posted at Charlie Winter charliewinter #IS have officially claimed responsibility for #Paris attacks. Statements in Arabic and French so far. The claim was issued in written format in French and Arabic, and in audio format, all via established IS channels, according to the BBC's jihadist media expert Peter King.  The statement claims that "eight brothers wearing explosive vests and assault rifles targeted carefully chosen locations in the heart of the French capital". It goes on to call Paris the "capital of abomination and perversion". "In a holy attack facilitated by Allah, a group of believers and soldiers of the caliphate – may Allah give it might and victory – targeted the capital of abomination and perversion, the one that carries the banner of the cross in Europe, Paris." Source

'Frenchman identified as possible concert hall attacker'

President Francois Hollande on Saturday confirmed that 127 people were killed in Paris terror attacks. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for the dastardly act. Police recovers first lead in Paris terror attacks. French national behind Bataclan Theatre attack identified, suspect known to French intelligence agencies, say reports News agency AFP reports that Sydney's Opera House has been lit up in the colors of French flag after Paris terror attacks. As per news agency AFP, 300 people have been hospitalised after Paris attacks, out if which 80 injured persons are in 'critical' condition. Americans among the injured in Paris attacks, says State Department.  News agency AFP quotes French federation as saying: "France-England football friendly to go ahead." In the backdrop of Paris attacks, managmnet shuts down Eiffel Tower indefinitely, say media reports. "I am shaken, I don't understand these things, done by human beings.

'Paris attackers were young, fired blindly at crowd'

Paris: A journalist at the Bataclan theatre, one of the multiple sites in  Paris  which was attacked on Friday night, said the terrorists blindly fired at the crowd for 10-15 minutes, BBC reported. "Several armed men came into the concert. Two or three men, not wearing masks, came in with what looked like Kalashnikovs and fired blindly on the crowd," BBC quoted Julien Pierce, a Europe 1 journalist, as saying. "It lasted between 10 and 15 minutes. It was extremely violent and there was panic. The attackers had enough time to reload at least three times. They were very young." Terrorists killed over 150 people in a string of shootings and explosions in Paris. Recounting the horror, Ben Grant, who was with his wife at a bar when one of the shootings occurred, said they heard gunshots and people dropped to the ground. "There are lots of dead people. It was pretty horrific to be honest... I was at the back of the bar. I couldn't see a

Paris Attacks: It was an attack on humanity, PM Narendra Modi

Condemning the terror attacks in Paris that claimed over 120 lives, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the UN to define terrorism before it is too late so that the world knows who is backing terror and who is against it.  Modi said, "What happened in Paris yesterday is an attack on humanity and the world should accept that it is not an attack on Paris, not an attack on France but an attack on humanity."  "It is an attack on humanitarian principles that is why all the powers that believe in humanity have to come together to condemn such attacks. All pro-humanity forces should unite to defeat anti-humanity forces. They will have to fulfil their responsibilities," he said here at the ceremony for unveiling the statue of 12th century Indian philosopher Basaveshwara.  Modi said whenever evil forces raise their head, reformers like Basaveshwara take centre-stage.  On the third and final day of his UK visit, Modi said, "It is unfortunate that I am unveiling th

Grand Imam of Al-Azhar condemns attacks

Ahmad al-Tayyib, the Grand Imam of (one of the highest Sunni authorities in the Muslim world) has strongly condemned the attacks in Paris, state news agency Mena reports.  Speaking during an international conference organized by the Ministry of Religious Endowments today, Al-Tayyib called the Paris terror attacks "chaotic", and stressed that Islam is innocent of terrorism. He also called for international cooperation to counter terrorism Source

22 militants killed in Shawal air strikes

Source    |   Posted: November 14, 2015 -  Miranshah: At least 22 militants were killed Saturday when fighter jets bombarded six insurgent hideouts in North Waziristan´s Shawal area, security officials said.  "Fighter jets precisely hit the Taliban´s hideouts at separate locations in Shawal," a security official in Peshawar told AFP. "Six of their hideouts and an unknown number of vehicles were also destroyed in the air strikes," the official added. A second security official confirmed the air strikes and death toll. Both officials spoke to AFP on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorised to speak to media. AFP  |  Print this story More from : PAKISTAN

Man arrested last week in Bavaria may be linked to the Paris Attack

Posted at Bavaria's state premier Horst Seehofer has said that there is "reason to believe" that a man arrested last week with several weapons in southern Germany is linked to the attacks in Paris.  "There is reason to believe that this is possibly linked" to the attacks, Mr Seehofer told a party conference.  Police made the arrest on 5 November during a routine check on a motorway and said they found "many machine guns, revolvers and explosives" in the suspect's vehicle. Source

Man held as Gatwick Airport's North Terminal evacuated

Source Passengers were evacuated from the landside area of the North Terminal A man has been arrested at Gatwick Airport and the North Terminal has been evacuated as a precautionary measure after a suspicious item was found. The airport said the terminal had been fully evacuated on the landside, before passport control. Police were called at about 09:30 GMT after "suspicious actions" by a man. A spokesman said Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists were at the scene. Gatwick Airport has advised passengers to contact airlines for information. Det Supt Nick May said: "At this time, we are investigating the circumstances of the incident and it is too early to say what the item may be. "However, given the events in Paris on Friday evening, there is heightened awareness around any such incident and it is best that we treat the matter in all seriousness."

Syrian passport found on body of attacker, say police

Syrian passport found on body of one of the suicide bombers at Paris stadium, news agencies quoted police officials as saying. President Francois Hollande on Saturday confirmed that 127 people were killed in Paris terror attacks. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for the dastardly act. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron calls crisis meeting to consider response to Paris attacks. British casualties expected in Paris attacks, Cameron adds. French President Hollande cancels his participation at G20 meeting tomorrow following the deadly attacks in Paris. Earlier in the day, Britain’s second busiest airport Gatwick was evacuated after a ‘suspect package’ was found amid fears of more terror strikes as the dreaded ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. Source

Pak cleric launches campaign for Sharia law

The controversial cleric of Pakistan's Lal Masjid on Friday stoked tension in the capital by holding a rally as part of his campaign to demand the implementation of Islamic Sharia law in the country. Abdul Aziz and his wife Umme Hasaan led the rally of students of Jamia Hafsa seminary in the heart of Islamabad in a grim reminder of a similar campaign in 2007 that led to a brutal army crackdown on the mosque in which over 100 students and suspected militants of extremists groups were killed. The protesters shouted anti-government slogans and praised Aziz. They also demanded the enforcement of a system based on the Quran and Sunnah. The government first tried to persuade Aziz to call off his campaign and later deployed police and Rangers around Lal Masjid and its affiliated seminary Jamia Hafsa to keep peace. No untoward incident occurred but it created fear among the residents of the capital who witnessed the week-long siege of the mosque in 2007. Aziz had announced last

Why Must US Drones do our Dirty Work?

Source The targeted assassination of brutal British terrorist Jihadi John by a US drone strike should act as a spur for the House of Commons to lift its two-year ban on military action against Isil targets in Syria.  Although a wide range of intelligence and military assets on both sides of the Atlantic, including MI6, GCHQ and the CIA, worked together to hunt down Kuwaiti-born Mohammed Emwazi, it was the GCHQ listening-post at Cheltenham that led the way in tracking down the terrorist. The RAF has its own dedicated squadron of Reaper drones based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, but the two-year Commons ban on British military operations in Syria against Isil meant intelligence officers had to pass over the targeting assignment against Jihadi John to their US allies.  There will be many politicians on both sides of the Commons who will feel uneasy that, because of t

How Eyes in the Sky let the West Strike at Heart of Isil

For Jihadi John, death could not have been more different than for his victims. While his hostages suffered unimaginable horror as he beheaded them, for him the end came instantaneously. British and US intelligence agencies had for more than a year been trying to gain live information on the whereabouts of the masked man whose first victim, the American journalist James Foley, was murdered in a video posted on YouTube in August 2014. Their efforts finally paid off shortly before midnight on Thursday, when intelligence pinpointed the jihadist to a car in the centre of Raqqa, Syria, within a short walk of ISIL's headquarters in the city's old governorate building. Mohammed Emwazi - his name was finally confirmed by David Cameron for the first time yesterday - is understood to have been located by either MI6 or GCHQ, either through a human source on the ground or by monitoring his communications. The intelligence was passed on to the Pentagon, enabling the operators of an

The Seven Deadliest Attacks in Europe in Decades

PARIS: The attacks which left at least 120 dead in Paris on Friday are the deadliest in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in March 2004. - January 7-9, 2015, France: Two men armed with Kalashnikov rifles storm the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly known for satirical caricatures of Islam and other religions. They kill 12 people including eight cartoonists and journalists as well as two police officers, before fleeing. A policewoman is killed just outside Paris the following day in a shooting investigators later link to the Charlie Hebdo attack. A gunman takes hostages at a Jewish supermarket, four of whom are killed. The Charlie Hebdo attackers and the hostage-taker are killed in separate shootouts with police. - July 22, 2011, Norway: A right-wing extremist, Anders Behring Breivik, kills eight people in a bomb attack outside a government building in the capital Oslo and later murders another 69 people -- most of them teenagers -- when he opens fire at a Labour Y

A Look at the Attacks Across Paris

PARIS: A stadium, a concert hall, a succession of cafes and bars around Paris. Attacks on several sites around the French capital left more than 100 people dead Friday night. Here's a look at some of the targets: LE BATACLAN One of the best-known popular music venues in Paris, the Bataclan attracts a range of bands, and was set to host California-based band Eagles of Death Metal on Friday night. The attackers first sprayed cafes outside the concert hall with machine gunfire, then went inside and opened fire on the panicked audience, according to the Paris police chief. As police closed in, they detonated suicide vests, killing themselves and setting off explosions. The neighborhood around the concert hall, like many of the sites targeted Friday, is known for a vibrant nightlife. The club is on Boulevard Voltaire, in a trendy neighborhood at the intersection of the 10th, 11th and 3rd arrondissements, or city districts. STADE DE FRANCE Two suicide attacks and a bom

This Time it's War: French Press React With Horror to Attacks

PARIS: "This time it's war," declared the Le Parisien daily, as France's media reacted with horror but determination after the wave of attacks that left at least 120 dead. Centre-right daily Le Figaro took up a similar theme, splashing with the headline "War in central Paris" amid scenes of carnage at several locations in the French capital. Many papers called for unity in the country that is still reeling from jihadist attacks in January that claimed 17 lives. "In the name of the true martyrs of yesterday, the innocent victims and in the name of the Republic, France will be able to stay united and stand together," said Le Parisien. The "terrorist barbarism" has crossed a "historic line," said the head of the left-leaning Liberation daily, calling for France to stay resolute. "It is impossible not to link these bloody events with the battles raging in the Middle East. France is playing its part there. It must continue to do

Paris attacks LIVE: Hollande vows 'merciless' fight against terrorists; death toll over 150

At least 153 people were killed in Paris as terrorists carried out a bloody Mumbai-style multiple terror attacks, stunning France and drawing global condemnation. The Calgary Tower and the One World Trade Center lit up with the colors of the French flag to show support and sympathy regarding the Paris attacks. According to reports, the attack sites are Bataclan concert venue, Le Carillon, Le Petit Cambodge, 20 rue Alibert, La Belle Equipe, Near Stade de France and reports of gunfire were reported at least from one other site. French President Hollande in a strong message swears to the country that he intends to take revenge on those who committed the 'barbaric' act.  "We wanted to be here, among all these who saw these atrocious things, to say that we are going to fight," he said, adding that "Our fight will be merciless, because these terrorists that are capable of such atrocities need to know that they will be confronted by a France that is determined, unified

Why France, Again?

Source Riot police stand guard outside the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, on Nov. 13, 2015. We don’t know much yet about the perpetrators of the  ongoing attack in Paris, which involves shootings and explosions at multiple locations, at least one hostage situation, and a rapidly rising reported number of casualties. At this point, it’s too early to take seriously reports about motives or claims of responsibility. Joshua Keating Joshua Keating is a staff writer at  Slate  focusing on international affairs.  But the tactics of the assailants seem to fit “ urban warfare ” style of attack employed in the  Charlie Hebdo  shooting  in January, and the weapons reportedly used by the assailants, AK-47s, match those used in that incident as well as numerous other  shooting incidents in France in recent years. Advertisement  Even before 

Paris Attacks Push Facebook, Twitter Users to New Tools

Nov. 13, 2015 11:12 p.m. ET Social-media companies  Facebook Inc.   and  Twitter  Inc.   provided new tools allowing people around the world to track and discuss the violent attacks in Paris on Friday with unprecedented speed and depth. Facebook activated its “Safety Check” feature Friday, allowing the site’s users in the area of the attacks to mark themselves as safe on their profiles. This marked the first time the tool was enabled for violent attacks. Twitter’s news-curation tab, known as “Moments,” featured tweets, images and videos from news agencies and bystanders that showed snippets of the attacks’ aftermath. ENLARGE On Twitter, Parisians used the hashtag “#PorteOuverte”—or “open door” in French—to offer shelter to stranded visitors.   Photo:  Eric Thayer/Reuters Alphabet Inc.’s Google said it is making international calls to France from its Hangouts mobile communication app free through the weekend, so people can check on the status of friends and relatives. The free calls can