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The Banglasahib Gurudwara and Sikh Ehibition

THe Sikh population in India is just 2% and still their contribution to the Indian freedom strugle was huge. Acording to an estimate 86% of those sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle were sikh. Hanged to death Sikh 93 Non sikh 28 Total 121 Life imprisonment Sikh 2147 non sikh 499 Total 2646 Martyrs of Jalian walabagh Sikh 799 Non sikh 501 Total 1300 Martyrs of Bajbajghat Sikh 67 Non sikh 46 Total 113 Martyrs of Kuka movement Sikh 91 non sikh -- Total 91 Martyrs of Akali Movement Sikh 500 Non sikh -- Total 500 Source and compilation:Dharam PraCHAR Committee Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee