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Terrorism watch news from Indonesia, Australia, Phillipines, Yemen

The PKK's Community center was under scanner by the police. The community leader the media says was unreacheable. police raids across Melbourne, Perth and Sydney have made public an ongoing dispute between the federal government and a variety of community groups over Australia's terrorism legislation. Return to video   The police said  Kurdish raids not a misuse of terror laws.   While in indonesia in the Aceh province 21 suspected militants go on trial in Indonesi. The islamic hardcore jihadists are accused of plotting and killing foreign aid workers. "They also think Americans, Britons and Australians support and help Israel kill Muslims in many countries," said Feritas, who represents the state in several of the cases.(source: PTI ) In a similar terrorism related news Philippine police capture two Abu Sayyaf militant. The militants who carried a bounty of USD13,000 were wanted in high profile kidnappings as well as deadly ambush that killed 14 soldiers.(Source

Death counts rise in iraq, Mogadishu

Car bombings across Iraq kill 45 Seven cities in Iraq were subjected to death marathon by the Islamic warring factions calling it Jihad or whatever! Killing their own berthern mostly in the name Islam, 45 people killed from across Iraq from South to north. It is seen as a failure to form a govt worth it even after 6 months of national elections. In the deadliest explosion Wednesday, a car bomb struck a police station near the offices of the governor in Kut, southeast of  Baghdad . The attack killed 16 and wounded 18, according to Kut's governor, Latif Turfa. In Baghdad, a suicide car bomber exploded his vehicle at a police station in the northeastern neighborhood of Qahira, killing at least 15 people, including six policemen, police said. The blast left another 60 people wounded. (Source: LATIMES )  Now its to be seen how the Iraqi and "occupying forces" will deal with the reliability/ credibility factor when OBAMA'a America is trying to withdraw from Iraq. A count