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Al qaeda declares war on Mushraf

There is this feeling of vindication in the peace activists after Alqaeda declared war on Mushraf their mentor at some time in the past, in it sixth and latest video after the 9/11 anniversary. But we as peace activists and opposing and standing up against terror cant let pakistan suffer, if we do we obviously put at stake peace in the world. It is a lesson for those who want to make quick fame or short cut to the jannath. Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has declared war on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and his army in its latest message, to be released by the network's media arm. In another video released by Al-Qaeda's media arm, Al-Sahab, Bin Laden's deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri also warned that Musharraf would be "punished" over the killing of the Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi. The storming of the Red Mosque in Islamabad in July "demonstrated Musharraf's insistence on continuing his loyalty, submissiveness and aid to America against the Musli

Terrorism through the seas

Earlier, terrorists would either come in from Pakistan via land through Kashmir or from Nepal into the border districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. They would also come into West Bengal or the North East from Bangladesh. However, now two arrested LeT terrorists have revealed the new preference for the sea route, saying that most terror outfits use it as it is a much safer option. According to sources in the Intelligence Bureau, terrorists start on boats from Karachi in Pakistan. From there the boat reaches Jafna in Sri Lanka, where the terrorists get their supply of arms and ammunition. Here, they are also given a makeover so that they can blend in with local fishermen. Once the makeover is done, these terrorists head for one of the many beaches in Chennai.

US Senators support the cause of Hindus in Bangladesh

An exhibition of photos and panels vividly describing the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh caught the attention of influential Congressmen and key policymakers in the Bush administration. The two-day exhibition titled “Asru” was held at the Rayburn House Office Building at the US Capitol from July 30. The exhibits of 28 panels, which graphically chronicled the deteriorating condition of Hindus and other religious minorities in Bangladesh over the past several decades, were put together by the Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) and Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT). “It is time that the world should know what is happening with the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh,” said Amalendu Chatterjee, HRCBM director. The population of Hindus in this Muslim-majority country, he pointed out, has dropped from as high as 37 per cent in 1940s to a mere 11 per cent now. “It is all because of the atrocities perpetrated on the Hindus by the ruling class all these years,”

Rs 200 crore museum to come up in city (pune)

Pune is being honoured again, because of its rich culture and convenient location. The city has been chosen to house a Rs 200 crore project on Indian history. Called the India Memory Foundation (IMF), it will showcase both India over the centuries including Vedic knowledge and the India of tomorrow. Behind the effort is a Frenchman, journalist Francois Gautier, who will raise the funds from private donors. The project is located on an acre of land near Lohegaon airport and will be ready in the next two years. THE PROJECT, WHICH IS ALSO TO COVER THE INDIA OF TOMORROW, WILL BE HOUSED ON AN ACRE OF LAND NEAR LOHEGAON AIRPORT There will be a phase-wise construction, starting with a painting exhibition on Chhatrapati Shivaji that will be ready by 2008. “My aim is to take a frank look at India’s history over the centuries. Not too much is spoken about Vedic history, astrology and maths. I want to highlight those aspects. Also, we want to show how India has been envisioned by Aurobindo, Lokma


FACT will be organising an exhibition in PUNE from 9-14 oct 2007 Inauguration of FACT Exhibition "Aurangzeb as recorded in the Moghul court documents" By His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of living and H H BAlagangadhara Swamy in Bangaluru.

FACT exhibition in Goa

FACT has anounced an exhibition from 21-24 Sep 2007, there will be an exhibition of FACT in Margao, Goa. The exhibition will be on the full day and the venue would be Lingayat Hall, Pajifond, Margao. Please contact: 9890722314

Remembering 9/11

Its the 9/11 anniversary the other day and there were candles lit and soaked in tears..... Victims of terrorism and their plight was not highlighted until 9/11 to what they deserved. Its the policy of FACT to campaign agianst any form of terror across the globe. We pray for the peace of the souls and for the well being of the living whose condition is more worse than the dead. The number of American soldiers killed in Iraq alone exceeds the number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks , officially put at 2,973. The two figures have more in common than mere symbolism, beginning with the inhumanity, or rather the de-­humanity, the figures represent. I’m not referring to the obvious waste of the deaths themselves, to the barbarism of 9/11 or the vengeful barbarism since, but to the jag of dishonesty at the core of the first figure, and how that jag led to the second. That figure, 2,973, doesn’t include the nineteen hijackers. News accounts and blogs have over the years taken pride in not