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Is blackberry a threat to terrorism?

Well after the EU  RIM to address BlackBerry Security Concerns in India RIM Helps Russia, China Monitor Blackberry Users' Emails RIM Bows Under Pressure and Agrees to Work with India   BlackBerry Services seem to be banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia There have come reports about UAE and Saudi Arabia with both the Arab nations seem to be banning some of the functions of BlackBerry devices which are currently operation in their country for the nations are finding it hard to monitor data passing through via number of features of BlackBerry handsets. ( Gadgetnews ) Well guts to talk the walk, Mr PM british and how come the Pak PM is so furious of his comments. Pakistan officials summon British high commissioner      Downing Street has played down David Cameron's address on Pakistan's tolerance of terrorism as its president prepares to visit the UK. Photograph: Harish Tyagi/EPA The Pakistani government has summoned Britain's high commissi