Social media is ‘undermining our democracies’, US billionaire Frank McCourt warns

 The current tech architecture "is fundamentally flawed", McCourt told FRANCE 24, saying that social media is "undermining our democracies". His initiative is a "tech solution to a tech problem", which aims to "give agency to individuals so individuals own and control their data".

McCourt also discussed European football, which has been profoundly transformed by the arrival of Saudi and Qatari investors. Although he would "put the fans of l'OM (Olympique de Marseille) and the energy that this club has against anybody's chequebook", he believes "it is important, however, that there be some level of equal playing field".

Finally, the owner of OM criticised the idea of a European Super League in football. The short-lived plan by a dozen clubs sparked anger among many fans earlier this year.



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