Massive protests in PoJK to mark Pakistan's Kashmir invasion on October 22, 1947; Black Day to be observed in Netherlands

 Muzaffarabad: Massive protests and a candlelight vigil is being organised across Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) to condemn the Pakistani invasion in the region on October 22, 1947.

In Muzaffarabad city, a protest rally was organised by the United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP) against the tribal and military attack on Jammu and Kashmir 75 years ago.

The protesters in PoJK shouted pro-freedom slogans as they demanded the Pakistani army and other administrators to leave the occupied territory.

Speaking to ANI, UKPNP Chairman Sardar Shaulat Ali Kashmiri said: "Pakistan is the occupier and killer of hundreds and thousands of innocent people in Jammu and Kashmir."

A candlelight vigil was also organised at Neelum Bridge to pay tributes to the innocent civilians' martyrs of the Pakistani invasion on October 22, 1947.

The protesters took an oath to continue the struggle against Pakistani occupation they attain freedom. The National Equality Party JKGBL organised the candlelight vigil.

The protesters stood silent in the memory of the thousands of innocent and unarmed civilian citizens, including the elderly, women and children whom Pakistan brutally killed to occupy the state.

"Pakistan abducted all young women and sold them in the markets in the country and neighbouring Afghanistan", said Sajjad Raja of National Equality Party JKGBL.

The protesters demanded an unconditional apology from Pakistan and asked Pakistan to quit the state.

National Equality Party JKGBL also organised a protest from Lal Chowk Upper Adda that passed through the various streets of Muzaffarabad and ended at Neelum Bridge.

Black Day to be observed in Netherlands to mark Pakistan's 'invasion' of J-K in 1947

A Black Day will be observed, and a protest held on Friday near the Pakistani embassy in the Netherlands against the "invasion" of Jammu and Kashmir nearly over 70 years back, said Committee Black Day October 22, 1947, in a press release.

"The protest will take place on October 22 2021 at 10 30 am in front of The Peace Palace, Carniegieplein 2 2517 KJ, The Hague, Pakistani refugees, Bangladeshi, Afghani and HR supports will walk towards the Pakistani Embassy Amaliastraat 8, 2514 JC The Hague, and protest minorities heavily prosecuted in Pakistan," the committee said.

It further said that Pakistan had "invaded Kashmir" on October 22, 1947, and brought in its wake horrifying stories of "mass plunder and vandalism".

"On this Black Day, we come forward to raise awareness about the sentiments of human rights against minorities," the release stated.

The Committee said that the minorities need to be saved from various extreme human rights abuses, stressing the urgent need to highlight the issue.

When "Pakistan invaded Kashmir" over 70 years back, the Committee said thousands of men, women and children were killed while the raiders carried out a siege of the then bustling town of Baramulla. Courtesy: ANI



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