Malaysian team visits Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition

 RIYADH —The Secretary General of Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC), Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Moghedi, has received Malaysian Deputy Minister of Defence Dato' Sri Ikmal Hisham Bin Abdul Aziz and the accompanying delegation at IMCTC’s headquarters in Riyadh.

The Malaysian delegation was briefed on IMCTC’s counterterrorism efforts across four domains (ideology, communications, counter terrorist financing, and military) and IMCTC's role in coordinating member countries’ efforts in this regard.

During the meeting, the two sides also discussed cooperation between the IMCTC and Malaysia.

Maj. Gen. Al-Moghedi pointed out that IMCTC represents an integrated platform that seeks to strengthen cooperation among member countries as well as acting on the values of legitimacy, independence, coordination and participation, ensuring that its counterterrorism efforts are consistent with international regulations, norms and laws.

He highlighted Malaysia’s role in countering terrorism and violent extremism in its all forms in East Asia.

For his part, the Malaysian deputy minister of defence commended the IMCTC’s major role in serving the interests of its member countries across the various counterterrorism domains, hailing at the same time its achievements in countering terrorism and violent extremism. —



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