Support for independence reaches historic low in Spain’s Basque Country

 SUPPORT for breaking away from Spain has fallen to a historic low in the Basque Country which went through a forty year armed conflict over the issue of independence, according to a survey.  

Only 21% of respondents in a survey for El último Sociómetro del Gobierno vasco  in a survey for the Basque regional government said they supported secession. 

Meanwhile, some 41% said they opposed separatism, the highest figure since 1998 when the polls by the regional government began.   

The Basque separatist organisation Eta declared a ceasefire in 2011 after a forty year armed conflict in which 829 people lost their lives. 

In 2014, some 30% of Basques said they supported independence, the highest level of support for forming a new state.

The latest study shows a seven point rise in the percentage of Basques who say they opposed independence. 

In a 2019 poll, 34% of people said they were against splitting from Spain.  

The survey of 3,333 people was carried out between 17 and 21 May. 

It also found that 40% of people feel as Basque as Spanish, a rise of eight points compared with a previous survey two years ago. 

The number of people who feel solely Basque was 19% compared with 24% in 2019.  Meanwhile, some 25% feel more Basque than Spanish.



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