Four Kerala Women Who Joined Islamic State May Not Be Allowed To Return To India From Afghanistan: Report

 According to a senior government official, four Indian women lodged in an Afghanistan prison after accompanying their husbands to join the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) would not be allowed to return to India.

The four women, all of them hailing from Kerala, travelled to Nangarhar in Afghanistan between the years 2016 and 2018.

Around 408 members of the Islamic State from 13 countries are lodged in Afghanistan prisons. Among them are four Indians, 16 Chinese, 299 Pakistanis, two Bangladeshis, two from the Maldives, reports The Hindu.

The four Indians are lodged in prison by Afghan authorities after their husbands were killed in different attacks in Afghanistan.

The four women are Sonia Sebastian alias Ayisha, Raffeala, Merrin Jacob alias Mariyam and Nimisha alias Fathima Isa.

These women were interviewed in 2019 by Indian security agencies in Kabul after their surrender. It revealed that they are highly radicalised.

“One line of thought was to allow them to come back and become an approver in the cases here. However, their interview revealed that they are highly radicalised. The France model may be followed and the Afghanistan authorities can be requested to put them on trial there,” said the official.



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