Daesh extremists arrested in Morocco for planning attacks against military targets

 DUBAI: Two Daesh militants were caught in Morocco after planning to carry out attacks on various military facilities, the country’s counter-extremism office said.

The militants were operating in two villages: Tamdafelt and Beni Khalled.
Security forces seized electronic devices, uniforms, and weapons from the suspects’ homes, Al-Arabiya TV reported.
The two suspects declared their support for the current leader of Daesh, Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashimi Al-Qurashi.
Daesh has been seeking to find a foothold in Morocco to carry out attacks, according to what was confirmed by a senior security official in the country.
The extremist threats facing Morocco are mainly the return of fighters from Syria, Iraq and Libya, Habboub Cherkaoui, head of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation told Al-Arabiya TV.

Source: https://www.arabnews.com/node/1868541/middle-east


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