Somali security forces to lead in fighting al Shabaab - Amisom

Somali security forces will take a lead role in security operations on al Shabaab going forward, Amisom has said.

During a two-day meeting to evaluate security sector gains in Somalia, Amisom and Somali National Army agreed on strategies for Somali security forces to take a lead role.

Representatives from the United Nations Support Office in Somalia, the UK Mission Support Team and several of Somalia’s international partners were present.

“The conference marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards peace and stability in Somalia," Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Ambassador Madeira said.

The Somali Transition Plan is a key deliverable in the Amisom mandate agreed upon in December 2017, when Somalia and the international community agreed on a conditions-based transition plan to enable Somalia to assume full responsibility for its security.

The conference evaluated progress on the implementation of the Amisom Concept of Operations 2018-2021, discussed the harmonization of military operations and plans.

They also discussed joint planning and coordination, the revised STP 2021 and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2568(2021).

"I call upon the sectors to take seriously the reconfiguration synchronization matrix and put in action all its recommendations so that we can achieve our harmonized plans,” SNA’s Chief of Defence Forces, General Odawa Yusuf Rage said.

In a presentation, Amisom human rights advisor Omar Alasow said the mission had adopted preventive and mitigatory and intervention mechanisms to ensure compliance with IHL and human rights obligations including the implementation of the UN Human Rights Due Diligence Policy. 



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