Jammu & Kashmir: Narco-terror module busted in Tangdhar, drugs worth Rs 50 crore seized

 The Army issued a statement in this regard saying: "This is the second consecutive busting of 'Pak-Sponsored Narco Terror Model' in the past one week. Incidentally, a 10 kilo heroin consignment was recovered from the same general area a week ago in a joint operation, however, this time smugglers were spotted carrying the narcotics along the Line of Control. Indian Army and BSF's strong anti-infiltration posture denied the smugglers accompanied by Pakistan-based Terrorists, the opportunity to cross the fence."

The statement further noted that the infiltrators were forced to abandon their consignment and flee. An operation to identify the individuals in underway during the filing of this report.

Local sources have affirmed high likelihood of arrests of certain kingpins in upcoming days.

The statement read: "Pakistan handlers controlling the nexus, get money in lieu of narcotics supplied which is in turn used to fund terror organisations operating in Pakistan & PoK. Pakistan Army is a key stakeholder in this Narco-Terror nexus which involves using of civilians on both sides of the Line of Control as cannon fodder. The modus operandi involves pushing the handlers and smugglers across the borders with an aim to exchange the drugs in lieu of money to support the militant organisations."

Narco terrorism has been Pakistan's long espoused model to culturally degrade the social fabric of the border areas of Kashmir and Punjab. Pakistan's attempt to support smugglers with armed terrorists exposes their nexus.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/jammu-kashmir-narco-terror-module-busted-in-tangdhar-drugs-worth-rs-50-crore-seized/ar-BB1fDDSG?ocid=BingNews


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