Al-Qaeda threatens Emmanuel Macron as France kills 50 jihadists in Mali


Justifying killings of people who insult Prophet, Al-Qaeda on Monday threatened French President Emmanuel Macron over his comments on Islam. 

Macron defended the publication of Prophet Mohammed's caricatures on the grounds of freedom of speech and expression which has angered several radical groups and Muslim nations across the world. 

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"Killing anyone who insults the prophet is the right of each and every Muslim," the terror group, the terror group that is known by its French acronym AQMI, said in a statement.

The controversy began after the French teacher Samuel Paty near Paris after he showed cartoons of Prophet that were earlier published by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. 

In the Islamic world, the mocking of Prophet is seen as blasphemous and widely condemned. 

The terror group also said the boycott of French goods is not "enough"

"The boycott is a duty but it is not enough," it said. 

Al-Qaeda also said it would take revenge on Macron's statements, calling him "young and inexperienced, with a little brain" and saying he had "insisted on offending the Prophet".

Meanwhile, the French government on Monday said its forces had killed over 50 jihadists aligned to Al-Qaeda in air strikes in central Mali.  



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