Kurdish forces suppress riot at jail holding Islamic State fighters

Islamic State fighters have started a riot at a prison in northeastern Syria, amid reports some managed to escape

Kurdish-led forces in Syria say they have suppressed a riot that broke out in a prison holding former members of the Islamic State.

Hasakah prison in northeastern Syria is run by the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces [SDF], a key partner of the United States in its fight against what remains of the Islamic State terror group.

On Sunday night, the inmates reportedly seized control of the prison's ground floor after breaking down doors and walls.

But on Monday, Kino Gabriel, a spokesman for the SDF, said its anti-terror forces had "ended the riots and secured the facility and all prisoners inside," adding that the situation in the prison was "fully under control."

According to some media reports, four IS detainees escaped during the riot but were then recaptured, though Mr Gabriel insisted none had managed to escape. There were also reports that several inmates were killed...

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/30/islamic-state-fighters-riot-prison-northeastern-syria/


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