Bloody Holi for Hindus in Pakistan - Family of four tortured and poisoned to death in Sindh on the day of Holi as UNHRC neglects atrocities on Hindus

Pak Hindus killed_1  
Somri Kohli and her four sons were tortured and poisoned in Sindh province of Pakistan.
While the world celebrated Holi, Hindus in Pakistan had to mourn the brutal murder of their brethren including little children. Pakistan PM Imran Khan's wishes on Holi proved be a meaningless customary wish as entire Hindu family was murdered on the same day.
Somri Kohli and her sons Ashok, Akash, Mukesh and one other son were murdered at 4AM. The family was residing in Jhimpper village of Thatta district of Sindh. A Pakistani lawyer who narrated the brutal killing in a series of tweets yesterday, reported that the family was tortured and then poisoned forcefully. Their father who was the caretaker had already died making the family a easy target for the Jihadis.

The police instead of investigating are said to be save the country from ignominy by registering it as a case of suicide. The police have reportedly refused to investigate despite evidence of torture and poisoning the 5 victims says the Pakistani lawyer who reported the case.

The murder of the Hindu family has angered the people the world over with reactions pouring expressing condolence and also lambasting Pakistan for being unable to safeguard its minorities. Reacting the news of the murder of Hindu family, many people questioned the silence of Human Rights Organisations and the UNHRC.



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