Another Hindu girl forcibly converted and married in Pakistan - Kanwal Kumari becomes Aisha as UNHRC and other HR organisations remain silent on plight of Hindus

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Another Hindu girl Kanwal Kumari has been converted and forcibly married off to a Muslim man in Pakistan's Balochistan province. Kanwal Kumari Oad, aged 18 years and a resident of Naseerabad in Quetta was renamed as Aisha and was married to Aamir Nawaz Khosa. The marriage was done on 19th February as per a affidavit shared on social media.
Aggrieved Hindus in Pakistan have said that this was a forced conversion and the affidavit of 'Free Will' is a sham as it is done to cover their crime of forceful conversion. Hindu girls are being regularly converted in Pakistan and the government and administration seems to be willfully ignorant or a participant, say Pak Hindus. 

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The news of conversion of Kanwal Kumari comes close on the case of Mehak Kumari who was similarly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man last month in Sindh province. However, last week she expressed her wish to go back to her parents and lead a life of a Hindu in a local court. The court on February 19th nullified the marriage as Mehak Kumari was a minor. But she has since then received death threats from Muslim leaders and Mullahs for trying to leave Islam.
Conspicuously, despite numerous incidents of forced conversion of Hindu girls the UNHRC and other Human Rights Organisation have been silent. They have neither castigated Pakistan nor asked for a report from the Islamic country.



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