$1 billion dollar drug bust in Australia

(CNN)Australian police have seized $1 billion Australian dollars' worth of the drug "ice" from a shipment of silicon bra inserts and art supplies, the country's federal police said, worth approximately US $700 million.
Four people have been charged over the haul, which included 720 liters of the drug formally known as methylamphetamine, the Australian Federal Police said Monday.
Australian customs first discovered around 190 litres of the drug hidden inside thousands of stick on gel bras in a shipment from Hong Kong in December of last year.
A shipment of silicon bra implants, concealing the drug 'ice'.
A shipment of silicon bra implants, concealing the drug 'ice'.
Delivery of the shipment was tracked to a storage facility where a Hong Kong national was arrested.
Authorities have since arrested one Chinese national and two further Hong Kong nationals in relation to the importation and manufacture of the drug.

Source http://edition.cnn.com/2016/02/14/asia/australia-billion-dollar-ice-seizure/index.html


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