The many avatars of ISIS recruiter Shafi Armar

New Delhi, Jan 26: He was Mohammad Atta in the year 2013, in 2014 he became Sameer Khan, in 2015 he was Abu al-Hindi and today he is Yousuf.
These are various names that have been taken one man called Shafi Armar, the Bhatkal resident who is said to be heading the Ansar-ul-Tawhid.
Today the name of Shafi Armar has re-emerged with the National Investigating Agency probing a case relating to alleged ISIS sympathisers. Shafi is the brother of Sultan Armar who had broken away from the Indian Mujahideen to launch the Ansar-ul-Tawhid, a group that recruits Indians into the ISIS.
The many names of one man:
Mohammad Atta was a name he used while undertaking recruitments in Rajasthan in 2013. He then assumed the name of Sameer Khan while attempting recruitments in Hyderabad. The name Abu al-Hindi was originally a name used by his brother. Every Indian recruit into the ISIS has a name ending al-Hindi.
Today the name Yousuf has been used by Shafi Armar. It has been found during the investigations by the NIA that most of the recruits were in touch with Yousuf and it has been learnt that the man was none other than Shafi. Shafi Armar has been an active recruiter for the ISIS.
He runs various websites through which he posts material. He also stays in touch with prospective recruits through messaging groups, investigators have learnt. Shafi like his brother was originally part of the Indian Mujahideen. However the IM split up and Shafi with his brother decided to go separate ways.
He is suspected to be in Syria according to the intelligence bureau. He has not only been recruiting youth but there have been some occasions where investigators have found a money trail too. He had wired money to some of the recruits to facilitate their travel to Syria, investigations have also learnt.
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