Mid-week news round-up of Muslim maniacs and Western wimps

I set about gathering reports on the Islamic advance across the West with the plan to write up one week’s worth of information.  However, at the mid-week point it became clear that the post would be much too long if I went the entire week.  So I stopped.  What you find below is a sample of overt and abject barbarism; stealth advance; and Western weakness, stupidity, and dhimmitude that unfolded in just under four days.
Australia:  Police officers were threatened as Muslims followed them home, made death threats, and tracked their movement using drones (here).
Austria:  A major bank offers accounts to “asylum seekers” free of charge while Austrians are charged large fees.  The bank also shut down the account of an anti-immigration organization with no explanation given (here).
Canada:  A Muslim man accused of sexual assault (committed in the United States) fought the court decision to strip him of his refugee status, claiming his life will be in danger if he’s deported back to Somalia.  The government assured its citizens that Canadian women will not be raped by “Syrian refugees” as is happening across Europe because Canada imports a better-quality invader.  A textbook teaches children that Christians are persecuting Muslims in Syria.  P.M. Trudeau visited a mosque where the imam repeatedly made vile misogynist remarks.  A video of the P.M. surfaced from 2013 when he spoke at a mosque (where he also joined members in prayer).  The minister of foreign affairs omitted the words “Islam” and “Islamic” when talking about Islamic terrorism (herehereherehereherehere, andhere).
Denmark:  There has been a surge in reports of mass sexual assault against Danish women by Muslim men.  Some nightclubs are barring “migrants” due to complaints they are harassing female patrons.  Many diseases, including diphtheria, are showing up in “refugee” centers.  Some towns have begun programs of volunteers patrolling their villages to monitor antisocial behavior and prevent violence.  One town has made pork a mandatory food at all public institutions, including schools (hereherehereherehere).
Finland:  An investigation is underway into a taharrush-like attack of a mother and daughter, where Muslim men cornered them, licked the daughter, and then beat the mother when she tried to intervene.  A member of Shiite terrorist group entered the country posing as a “refugee.” (here and here).
France:  Journalists were attacked in the “Calais jungle migrant camp” (with one attacker wielding a knife), and pro-immigration activists wanted video documentation of the attack removed from the internet.  A Muslim student was expelled from a French university after making anti-Semitic statements, including threats that her country of origin could buy Jews and put them in ovens (herehere, and here).
Germany:  A 13-year-old girl was kidnapped by Muslims and raped for 30 hours.  A Muslim “refugee” sexually assaulted a woman, telling her she’s “just there for sex.”  Muslims stoned two Germans walking down the street.  A German “refugee” aid worker considered quitting her job due to the outrageous behavior of “refugees.”  Muslims continue to threaten and beat Christians in refugee centers.  The first arrest was made of an “asylum seeker” who is alleged to have been one of the hordes of those who sexually assaulted women on New Year’s Eve.  At least one German city is considering female-only transportation (buses, taxicabs, etc).  After a ban on “migrants” was put in place at a local swimming pool to protect girls from sexual assault, those in charge caved to pressure from pro-immigrant groups and lifted the ban.  An imam in Cologne said women and girls were raped on New Year’s Eve because they wore perfume.  A major German newspaper reported that North African “migrant” criminality has been a long guarded secret in Cologne.  Posters use visual images to discourage Muslim “refugees” from groping women; defecating in public places; and other uncivilized, if not outright illegal, behaviors.  The Vatican ambassador said that “Islam is part of the solution.”  Plans are developed to levy a tax against British drivers to help defray the cost of supporting “Syrian refugees.”  The socialist party is paying pro-immigration activists $50 per hour to demonstrate and disrupt peaceful anti-immigrant marches.  A new poll showed that over half of all Germans now fear refugees in the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks.  “Refugees” continue to flood Germany, with tens upon tens of thousands arriving in just a handful of days (hereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here).
Hungary:  Muslim “migrants” attacked the police (here and here).
Israel:  A mother of six children was stabbed to death.  As her funeral procession wound through the streets, another (pregnant) woman was attacked.  A major attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem was thwarted (here and here).
Italy:  The pope said countries admitting “refugees” must change (here).
Norway:  A search commenced for 20 Syrian war criminals currently at large (here).
Sweden:  The state funds sniper training for Muslim “refugees.”  Police can no longer include a suspect’s race or nationality, lest they sound racist.  The state prosecutor has decided not to investigate police cover-ups of mass sexual assaults from the past two summer festivals.  Jews are fleeing in record numbers (hereherehere, and here).
Switzerland:  A Swiss city launched a campaign telling “migrants” not to harass women (here).
United Kingdom:  Open borders activists staged a “die in” to protest immigration controls while also insisting recent mass sexual assaults were not perpetrated by Muslims despite unequivocal evidence they were.  The Islamic State is flooding the U.K. with marijuana from an Albanian drug farm as a source of income that brings in billions of dollars.  Fifteen hundred Brits have tried to join ISIS in Syria, and 800 have successfully done so.  Four Muslims inspired by the Islamic State plotted to assassinate police officers and soldiers on the streets of London.  Two Muslims eating in a restaurant laughed as they watched an Islamic State beheading video on their laptop computer.  A Muslim school was found to have books in the library that condone death by stoning.  The jury for the Rotherham abuse trial said the City Council had threatened to take away the children of one of the families who spoke out about the abuse.  A Muslim businessman was convicted for having a “slave workforce.”  Members of “Action Palestine” threw chairs, smashed windows, set off fire alarms, and assaulted the co-sponsor of a pro-Israel event.  A Labor leader claimed that the media is responsible for Muslim radicalization and that prime minister David Cameron is “fueling ISIS.”  A rape gang comprising a handful of individuals was charged with trafficking white girls.  The government spearheaded a new program to protect children from “extremism” and “the spell of twisted ideologies” (herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here).
Somewhere in Europe:  A Muslim man interacts sexually with a mannequin set just outside a store (here).
United States:  The FBI confirmed that the San Bernradino jihadists attempted to detonate a bomb in the room where they slaughtered innocent Americans.  Messages at the scene where a family of three were found dead in Minnesota included “Allahu Akbar” and “Submit to Allah.”  Muslims working on a production line who are granted time off to pray want the line to shut down completely and all work to stop during prayer breaks.  Two professors at Georgetown University teamed up with a suspected Muslim Brotherhood front group.  A professor at Kent State University is under investigation by the FBI for being an Islamic State recruiter.  A Muslim man who plotted to execute police officers in New York and Philadelphia pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.  Philadelphia Muslims want two Muslims holidays added to the municipal calendar.  Obama granted clemency to 14 Iranian criminals and dropped charges on 14 more.  The Senate blocked a bill that would tighten screening for “Syrian refugees.”  The U.S. will issue visas to 300,000 Muslim “migrants” (herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here).
This overview is by no means an exhaustive list.  Nor does it include the Muslim Brotherhood tearing down our country, which occurs every second of every day, or Americans threatened and attacked abroad, or the mounting threat from Iran, the ongoing threat of Saudi Arabian influence in America, refugee resettlement, media lies, pervasive ignorance and complicity among the ruling class, the brainwashing of our schoolchildren via textbooks and lessons that distort the truth about Islam, imams preaching hate and jihad in mosques across America, or any of the outrageous acts against this nation that occurred prior to just a few days ago.
Huge hat tips to Religion of Peace, Atlas Shrugs, Creeping Sharia, and Jihad Watch for their daily chronicling of Muslim madness around the world.  Additional hat tips: Breitbart, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Tundra Tabloids, Sputnik News, Israel National News, Investigative Project on Terrorism, CIJ News, Siasat, Haaretz, The Daily Star, Front Page Magazine, The Express, AP, DW, NY Daily News, Bizpack Review, NY Times, NY Daily News

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/01/midweek_news_roundup_of_muslim_maniacs_and_western_wimps.html


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