Mexican Mayor Murdered One Day After Taking Office

Gisela Mota, the newly elected mayor of the Mexican city of Temixco, has been murdered just one day after taking office in the small city.
According to El Universal, Mota was shot and killed by four gunmen in front of her home in Mexico’s eastern state of Morelos.
The news was confirmed by governor of the state, Graco Ramirez, via twitter.
I have been informed about an attack on the mayor of Temixco Gisela Mota, young and beloved companion. This is a challenge of delinquency. We will not relent.
Local reports say that after committing the crime the assailants fled in a van but local police pursued them killing two of the alleged killers in the chase.
The other two involved were arrested.
After the assassination of Gisela Mota, two delincuents are dead and two have been detained. 
Mota, aged just 33, was a former federal member of Congress and belonged to the leftist Democratic Revolution Party (PRD).
She formally assumed her role as mayor on Jan.1.
Several mayors were killed last year in Mexico, where armed gangs financed by the drugs trade control many local communities.
Mayor-elect for the municipality of Jerecuaro, Rogelio Sanchez, from the infamous Green Ecologist Partyof Mexico (PVEM), was killed in June 2015 at a bus station in the lowlands of the central northernstate of Guanajuato.
Temixco, located some 100 km south of Mexico City, has a population of just under 100,000.
VIDEO: Mexico: 23 Police to be Investigated in Candidate's Murder


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