A terrorist's way of masking pain and deriving chemical courage

Bengaluru, Jan 29: While in Pathankot, we found that the terrorists had used Mefenamic Acid to beat the pain and battle security forces for over 50 hours, a report from Syria states that the banned amphetamine is a big hit. Amphetamine is being produced in huge quantity in Syria and the ISIS is said to be one the leading traffickers of the drug.

While the drug generates a lot of money that makes it to the coffers of the ISIS, it also helps its fighters mask fear, pain and hunger as a result of which they are able to sustain longer in a battle.

Terrorists and the use of drugs:

Any fidayeen who comes in for a long haul is packed with drugs. While during the Pathankot attack investigators had found the 500 MG Mefenamic Acid, in Syria a big hit with the fighters is the Amphetamine.

This drug has been put on the list of controlled substance by the World Health Organisation in 1986 according to a report in the Times London. Further investigations that were conducted in the aftermath of the Paris attack had found that the terrorists had used the same drug.

The drug is becoming a big hit with the ISIS due to its powerful properties. It masks fear, pain and also hunger. Terrorists cannot sustain such a long haul without the help of such drugs.

Experts have termed this syndrome as "chemical courage."

In the recent past there have been huge seizures of this drug. The Times, London reports that Jordan seized 16,768,684 tablets coming from Syria last year. Seizures increased by only 11 in 2012 to 185 last year. Turkey reported seizing 11 million pills, nearly two tonnes of the drug, near the Syrian border in November. Lebanon seized 15 million pills in April and five tonnes in December. The latter seizure also uncovered a production facility in a remote area close to the Syrian border.

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