Young Muslims dispel stereotypes by confessing what they are truly like

With the recent rise in Islamophobia and hate crimes, an interesting video by Buzzfeed seeks to dispel stereotypes and alleviate the negative perception of Muslims.
In the video, young Muslims speak out about how they are not different from other young people belonging to different religions. You may have heard of the statement, “I’m Muslim, but I’m not a terrorist,” but in this video you will hear a lot more of what Muslims really are like.
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“I’m Muslim, but I’m not dangerous, unless we’re on the dance floor,” a young white man said.
A girl wearing a hijab clarified that she’s a Muslim but is not forced to wear a headscarf, whereas another says, “I’m Muslim but I don’t wear the hijab.”

One young Muslim addressed the sectarian divide in the Muslim community, “I’m Muslim, but I don’t care if you are Sunni or Shia or Sufi, embrace ‘em all.”
Another stated, “I’m Muslim, but I love Jews,” and “I wasn’t the one who told kids that there was no Santa”.

A young white Muslim threw light on how the colour of one’s skin can lead to large-scale discrimination, “I’m Muslim, but I am not stopped at airports because my name is Tom and I’m white.”

In a powerful statement, a young woman said, “I’m Muslim but I’m not homophobic.”
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Many of them also confessed to being feminists, actresses, dancers, hip hop artists, in addition to loving rock music, thanksgiving, dating, and being friends with non-Muslims.
In another statement that would resonate with many Muslim Americans, a young black woman said,”I’m Muslim, but I don’t hate America.”

This thought-provoking video will force anyone who discriminates against Muslims to face some uncomfortable truths.
Watch the video here:


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