Teenage girl jailed for murdering mother after watching ISIS beheading videos online

Instagram: The fingerprints of Borch’s 29-year-old boyfriend, Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, were also found at the scene

A 15-year-old girl has been jailed for murdering her mother after becoming obsessed with Isis beheading videos.
Teenager Lisa Borch had been watching brutal online videos of British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning being killed just minutes before her mother was fatally stabbed at least 20 times with a kitchen knife last year, according to reports.
Tine Römer Holtegaard, a painter who lived with her twin daughters and husband Jens, was found covered in blood by police at her home in Kvissel, rural Denmark, in October last year.
Police were alerted to the incident by Borch, who told emergency services she had heard her mother scream and saw a “white man” running away from the house.
A court heard that Borch seemed disinterested when police arrived at the property, shrugging her shoulders when they told her Holtegaard was dead in her bedroom, Bild newspaper reported.
Police later examined Borch’s computer and found she had been watching Isis videos “the whole evening long”.
The fingerprints of Borch’s 29-year-old boyfriend, Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, were also found in Holtegaard’s bedroom, although he was not at the scene when police arrived.
Borch had met Abdulla, originally from Iraq, at a refugee centre near her home. It is believed the pair had plotted to flee to Syria and fight for Isis.
Lisa’s twin sister told the court she had previously moved out of the family house due to the constant arguing between Borch and her mother.
The court heard it was “the endless rowing which cost the mother her life” and that the majority of their arguments concerned Borch and Abdullah’s relationship.
The prosecution told the court: “This murder was cold-blooded, ice cold and committed in a bestial manner.”
The court was unable to rule which of the pair delivered the stab wounds, and both were convicted of murder.
Borch was sentenced to nine years imprisonment, the first of which will be in a young offender’s institution and the following eight in jail.
Abdullah was sentenced to 13 years in prison, after which he will be expelled from Denmark.
Source: http://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/teenage-girl-jailed-for-murdering-mother-after-watching-isis-beheading-videos-online/ar-AAemzn3?li=AAaeRVN&ocid=SK2HDHP


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