Muslim students’ body urges youth to battle extremism

AURANGABAD: The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) on Tuesday launched its nationwide campaign in the city to encourage youths to adopt a more constructive mindset and refrain from different forms of extremism.

The campaign titled 'We for Constructive Thoughts' aims to address students on issues such as communalism, religious intolerance and self-centred attitude.

As part of the campaign, workshops and exhibitions were held in a few city colleges with more such activities planned in other institutions, including Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University by the end of the campaign on September 22.

"Domestic unrest and global turmoil has given way to hatred towards other communities. It could spell doom for a pluralistic society like India. If we have to progress economically and socially, the student community needs to have a more balanced and moderate approach," said Anwar Shaikh, state president of SIO (south Maharashtra).

Addressing newsmen on Tuesday, he said SIO aims to make the students interested and engaged in affairs of the nation through its campaign.

Iqbal Hussain, SIO national president, said the campaign has been based on the organisation's biennial policy that reviews current issues and prepares recommendations.

"The student community today is vulnerable to getting polarised at the hands of different anti-national forces. Our country has as much as 65% population below the age of 35 years. If this large number of youths becomes aware of social issues, they can ensure inclusive development of the country at a faster rate," he said.

Terming self-centred attitude among several youths as another kind of extremism, Hussain said, "Many of us seem unable to think beyond our own individual lives. We hardly care about our society. This self-centred attitude can take a heavy toll on the nation. Youths have to be concerned and accountable towards society."

Mohammed Ali Shaikh, state PR secretary of SIO (south Maharashtra), said the organisations' activists have been meeting educators, government officials and even political leaders to gather support for the campaign. "We have been holding corner meets, street plays and lectures for the students, along with workshops and exhibitions, to share aims and objectives of our campaign," he said.

Founded in 1982, the SIO claims to have presence in 25 states in the country with around 6,000 students as its members.



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