FARC calls for end to all paramilitary activities in Colombia

HAVANA, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on Saturday called for an end to paramilitary activities and "dirty warfare", in order to bring peace to Colombia.

"It is impossible to bring a stable and lasting peace as long as paramilitary actions and dirty warfare continue," said FARC spokesman Pablo Catatumbo in a press release published ahead of a new day of peace talks in the Cuban capital.

Catatumbo listed a number of recent attacks by paramilitary forces, which he said were carried out "with the open complicity of the armed forces". He insisted that paramilitary violence had affected all of Colombia, including "newly created political movements", which have already seen hundreds of their members jailed or killed.

"Past acts show a continued strategy of dirty warfare against social organizations, against human rights, and against opposing political movements," said the FARC communique.

The official delegation to the peace talks from the government of President Juan Manual Santos made no comments to the press, as usual, before entering attending peace talks at the Conventions Palace in Havana Saturday.


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