PM: Syrian PKK militants leave Turkey

, 10 April 2013
Most of the militants of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), who are Syrian citizens, left Turkey and moved to the north of Syria, Hürriyet newspaper quotes Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying on Wednesday.

According to Erdogan, some of the PKK militants will be resettled from Turkish territory to northern Syria.
Earlier, imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan called on the organisation to lay down its weapons and leave the country.

Turkish authorities in turn promised all PKK militants that have laid down their weapons the facility for a safe exit from the country.

The conflict between Turkey and the PKK requiring creation of an independent Kurdish state, continues for more than 25 years and claimed more than 40,000 lives. PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the UN and the European Union.



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