Mortars slam Syrian capital, casualties feared

DAMASCUS, April 6 (Xinhua) -- Multiple mortar shells struck on Saturday several areas of Syria's capital Damascus, including a stadium and the building of the state-run al-Thwara newspaper, a pro-government radio reported.

The shells slammed the Tishreen Stadium in the central Baramkeh neighborhood, the Panorama area, and the building of the al-Thawra newspaper, Sham FM radio said, reporting unspecified number of injuries.

The Tishreen Stadium has been repeatedly hit by the rebels' mortars. Last month, a football player was killed and many of others wounded due to a shell that was fired by rebels from the adjacent Kafar Souseh area.

Meanwhile, the al-Thawra newspaper's headquarters is the second state media establishment to be hit after a mortar attack against the building of state-run SANA news agency killed three people last month.



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