Bomb blast at Dhanusha DDC

JANAKPUR, April 1: A bomb went off on the premises of the District Development Committee in Dhanusha on Monday afternoon causing minor damage to the office. The blast occurred at 1:35 pm. A bomb disposal squad of the Nepal Army informed that the bomb was a powerful one but it could not go off in full due to technical error.

The army also said the bomb could have caused huge damaged if it had exploded properly.

“The bomb was made using three detonators and was intended to cause huge damage,” said Dijan Kumar Piya, colonel at Ranabhim Battalion of Nepal Army in Mahendranagar, Dhanusha. “Had the bomb gone off with full force, it could have damaged half of the building and claimed lives,” Piya added informing that only two of the detonators had gone off and one malfunctioned.

The bomb disposal squad informed that the bomb was detonated using a timing device. The sudden blast had caused a stampede among the service seekers and office staff.

DDC staffers and service seekers are absolutely terrified because the blast occurred on the presmises guarded by over a dozen security personnel.

“After the blast, anyone can imagine the security situation in the district because terrorists easily planted a bomb in an office adjacent to the residences of the chief district officer and local development officer which are guarded by security personnel round-the-clock,” said Ram Bir Raya, a service seek at DDCO.

Meanwhile, the Akhil Tarai Mukti Morcha led by Jay Krishna Goit has claimed responsibility for the blast. A person claming himself to be the central committee member of the underground armed outfit and identifying himself as Pravin phoned journalists and claimed the blast. He did not mention the motive for the blast. Goit had already announced to disrupt the upcoming election.



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