Bahrain Protester Holding Explosive Bursts Into Flames As Police Guards Open Fire

It looks like a self-immolation, the desperate sign of protest that has become an iconic symbol of the Arab Spring.

However the moment captured in these pictures happened after police fired at an anti-government protester holding a petrol bomb in Bahrain, causing the explosive to burst into flames.

The uprising in the tiny Gulf State is often described as the 'forgotten Arab Spring'

The uprising in Bahrain is often described as the 'forgotten Arab Spring', with violence breaking out in a Shia revolt against the ruling Sunni al-Khalifa family in March 2011.

Anti-government protesters have been burning tyres and throwing firebombs at riot police, who responded using stun grenades. Protesters have accused police of also using live ammunition and bird shot.

Bahrain's home office said police had fired on "terrorists".

The protester burst into flames

So far 35 protesters are report to have been injured in the latest wave of protests. Two soldiers have also reported to have been injured.

The latest wave of demonstrations began on Thursday to mark the start of the uprising. On 14 March 2011, Saudi forces intervened into peaceful seizing of the iconic Pearl Roundabout in the capital. As the Bahrain Defense Force forcefully cleared the roundabout, hundreds were injured, thousands arrested and huge numbers of people lost their jobs.


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