The FARC-EP Demand of the Government Concrete Actions for Peace


HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 16 (acn) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People’s Army (FARC-EP) demanded on Saturday of President Juan Manuel Santos that his statements in favor of peace are turned into concrete facts.

Cuban News Agency

In its discourse, the government shows willingness to advance in the Peace Talks -with that rebel force- but that spirit should be reflected on domestic policy, said guerrilla delegate Andres Paris at Havana’s Convention Center, where the went to take part in a new day of talks.

Santos asserted on Wednesday in Pereira (central West), that as long as he is President he will continue making an effort to achieve the end of the armed conflict in the country, and expressed his willingness to reach an agreement this year at the Table of Talks maintained in Cuba with the FARC-EP since November.

The President has expressed the need to undertake deep changes in the country, and we wait for agrarian reform laws, or that at least the 100 proposals we have presented at the Table are taken into consideration, which condense many solutions to the conflict the homeland is living, underlined Paris.

This is the second CELAC ministerial meeting after the 1st Summit of the 33-member bloc, held last January in Santiago de Chile, where Cuba assumed the pro-tempore chair of the community.


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