Police foil immolation bid by Tibetan youth in Dharamsala

A self-immolation bid by a Tibetan youth was on Sunday foiled by police in Dharamsala during a march to mark the anniversary of the failed 1959 uprising against Chinese rule.
The Tibetan youth, Dawa Dhondup (30) allegedly drank petrol and also poured it over himself before trying to set himself ablaze during the 54th Tibetan Uprising Day march in Dharamsala, the seat of Tibetan government-in-exile.
However, he was immediately overpowered and stopped by policemen on duty and was rushed to hospital in critical condition, Kangra SP, Balbir Singh Thakur said.
He could not set himself ablaze but his condition was serious as he had drunk petrol, he added.
“Such incident never happened in Dharamsala though Tibetans used to demonstrate several times. Keeping in view this incident, it shall now be difficult for the police to allow them to hold procession and demonstration,” he said.
Every year, Tibetan exiles in India mark the anniversary of the failed March 10, 1959, uprising with speeches and marches.
As many as 107 self-immolations have been reported in Tibetan areas since 2009 and 90 of them have died, with the protesters calling for the return of the Tibetans’ spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.


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