Motorbike bomb blast kills six


A bomb planted on a motorbike killed six people and wounded another 15 yesterday in a crowded Pakistani market in troubled southwestern province Baluchistan, police said.

The bomb, detonated by remote control, exploded near a bus station in the remote town of Dera Allah Yar, around 170 miles (270km) southeast of Quetta, the provincial capital.

“At least six people have been killed and more than 15 injured. The bomb was planted on a motorcycle,” police official Qamar Ul Hasan said.

“The bomb also badly damaged around five to six shops and destroyed some motorbikes and other vehicles,” he said.

Baluchistan, which borders Afghanistan and Iran, is plagued by Islamist militancy, attacks on the Shias and a separatist Baluch insurgency.

Zulfiqar Ali, a second police official, confirmed the attack and warned that the death toll could rise further. “All those killed were civilians,” Ali said.



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