Less neo-Nazis, but more radical Islamists

The neo-Nazi scene is decreasing in Styria (Southeastern Austria). The numbers of complaints fell. Instead, the police are more worried about Salafi extremist teenagers with migration background who stir up hatred against Jewish people.

More than seven decades after the annexation of Austria to Nazi-Germany, right-wing extremism and neo-Nazism still exist in our country. Complaints due to the Prohibiting Act of National Socialist Resurgence are decreasing.

50 complaints were filed last year, compared to 70 to 80 complaints in the years before, said the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Rupert Meixner.

The neo-Nazi scene is changing: "As the older members die, the new leadership is ready to open up, which also involves the cooperation with neo-Nazi groups from abroad", said Mr Meixner.

More and more individuals start radicalising on the Internet: "The danger is that, in an extreme case, terror attacks could happen like in Norway by Anders Breivik. Criminals who act alone can also commit smaller offences such as the offence of incitement of hatred", the expert said.

Experts are, however, more worried about an increasing Islamism. A particular radical version is Salafi extremism. Members oppose the equalisation of man and woman, consider homosexuals to be sinners and do not bother about democracy and human rights, explained Mr Meixner.

"It is also new for us that some teenagers of Muslim belief and with migration background are stirring up hatred against Jewish people and groups. We are now, for the first time in the history of the Prohibiting Act, investigating against Muslims in Styria.", Mr Meixner said.

Anti-Semitism among Muslim teenagers is apparently no longer a side issue. It is becoming stronger and stronger every year.

Source http://austrianindependent.com/news/General_News/2013-03-12/13421/Less_neo-Nazis,_but_more_radical_Islamists


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