Finns party warns Nazi clock row councillor

Risto Helin gave the clock to the group, which calls itself simply ‘Kerho’, or ‘the club’, two years ago—before he joined the Finns party and before he was elected as a councillor.

His party colleagues discussed the matter with him gave him a warning as to his future conduct. Local MP Maria Tolppanen, who chairs the Vaasa party branch, said that there would not be a second warning as a repeat would bring a harsher punishment. According to Tolppanen, the club involved has 'patriot' and skinhead members, some of whom consider themselves to be nazis.

She added that similar measures would be taken if a party member had presented a gift featuring Stalin or Mao, rather than Adolf Hitler. She said that the Vaasa branch of the party had not discussed the matter with the national party leadership, and that the warning washed the party's hands of the matter.

Helin has indicated he is satisfied with the outcome.



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