FARC negotiators not allowed to leave Cuba: PG

If the FARC negotiators leave Cuba now they will be captured, Colombia's prosecutor general said Friday.
Eduardo Montealegre's statement comes after the FARC negotiators allegedly tried to charter a flight in order to attend the funeral of President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
The Prosecutor said that the suspension of arrest warrants for FARC negotiators is "geographically and temporarily bound to the site determined by the government," i.e. Havana, Cuba.
The Prosecutor said that if FARC members left the designated area, the suspension would be void and they would be captured by default.
Chavez was known in the past to be sympathetic towards the leftist guerrilla group, however he did help extradite FARC members captured in Venezuela.  According to the FARC delegation in Havana, the deceased leader was instrumental in getting them to the negotiating table with the Colombian government.
President Juan Manuel Santos attended Chavez's funeral in Caracas on Friday and said that the death of the leader "hurt him."
Source: http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/news/28457-farc-negotiators-not-allowed-to-leave-cuba-pg.html


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