Colombia's rebel FARC accused of bombing coal train

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were blamed Thursday for blowing up a train track in the northern department of La Guajira, derailing cargo cars, damaging rails and disrupting exports.

"An explosive was detonated against a train belonging to the Cerrejon coal mine heading to Puerto Bolivar (for export). As a result of this terrorist attack, 17 train cars were derailed and the railway was damaged," the company's Vice President of Corporate Affairs Juan Carlos Restrepo said.

The bombing came two days after the end of a strike by mine workers at Cerrejon, the country's largest coal exporter. It marked the second time this year that the FARC has targeted Cerrejon's infrastructure. In January another explosion damaged parts of the railroad.

According to the company's executive board, local authorities said the attack was carried out by the FARC's 59th Front, which operates in northern Colombia.

The attack forced the company to suspend coal exports until the scattered coal is collected and the railroad repaired.

Cerrejon exports about 100,000 tons of coal daily through Puerto Bolivar, in La Guajira.

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