93’s blast completes 20 years

By Jai Maharashtra News | 12 Mar Tue, 2013

Mumbai: 12 bomb blasts, 12 places on 12th March in 1993 completes 20 years on Tuesday. One of the worst phases in the history of the city of Mumbai that Mumbaikars experienced terror and fear. With the help of the Pakistani Intelligence Agency ISI, underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon had believed to arrange the bomb equipments and entry of the Pakistan’s sleuths in Mumbai.

On March 12, 1993, they decided to get the blasts done in crowded places of the city which comprises Stock Exchange, Juhu Centaur Hotel, Century Market, Air India building, Plaza Cinema, Narsi Natha Street, Madanpura, Zaveri Bazaar, Sea Rock Hotel and Santacruz Centaur Hotel and near Shiv Sena Bhavan. This blast includes killing of 257 people and approximately 750 injuries.

The Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) group are the originators of this bomb blast. Without leaving any trace to Mumbai Police, the RDX was brought in Mumbai through Sea route. Tiger Memon and his aides had left Mumbai on the same day.

Though the culprits had been arrested and sentenced to punishments but the ringleaders are still absconded.

But the game of blasts and its terror still continues with the incidents of 13/7 train bomb blast and 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai. The common masses are affected by such terrors but there are no safe and effective actions through Police administrations. Considering such dark nights of Mumbai the administration should involve the use of safety equipments for safer and better Mumbai.

Source http://www.jaimaharashtranews.com/en/maharashtra/mumbai-en/93s-blast-completes-20-years/


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