Zambia: '2 Generals Paid K100m to Kill Sata'

INVESTIGATIONS into the planned assassination of President Michael Sata have revealed that two retired army generals have been paid K100 million each by a named opposition political party to implement the plot.

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba disclosed to the Times of Zambia in an interview yesterday that he had information from security investigative wings that two retired generals received K100 million from an opposition political party.

"I have just received an update from our investigative wings and I am talking from facts with an informed point of view that two retired army generals have received K100 million from an opposition party to carry out the assassination plot.

"This is a serious development and I have also directed these investigative wings to go deeper and give more information so that we bring to book these people and the opposition party behind this," Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba said the matter would be probed further to verify the reports and bring culprits to book as this was a grave offence.

Mr Mwamba recently disclosed that an opposition political party was working with some retired army generals to assassinate President Sata.

An unverified alteration on the Wikipedia early this year alleged that President Sata had been assassinated on a Sunday morning in January.

To this effect, Mr Mwamba directed the investigative wings to institute thorough investigations involving the army generals and the political party.

The Minister explained that the two retired army generals had received the monies as part of payments to carry out the intended assassination on the President's life.

He has warned that Government would not rest but ensure that the culprits working to eliminate the Head of State were apprehended and faced the law.

Mr Mwamba said it was not a threat that Government would deal with the perpetrators squarely because assassinating a Head of State was a serious offence under the laws of Zambia.


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