Third suspect of Putin death plot

Edelgireyev from Chechnya has been named as the third suspect of the death plot planned against Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports.
The suspected has been accused of storing and selling explosives and banditism. He was is on the international wanted list, suspected of keeping Adam Osmayev and Ilia Pyanzin in touch with North Caucasus terrorist leader Doku Umarov.
Adam Osmayev’s wife Amina said she received no information about the third suspect.
Pyanzin’s lawyer Musa Khadisov resigned from the case. The lawyer represented Ruslan Ozniyev who got 17 years of prison for terrorism in Moscow.
Pyanzin and his assistant Ruslan Madayev arrived in Odessa from the Arab Emirates in 2011 or early 2012 to assassinate Putin. Osmayev was supervising them. He was on the wanted list for an assassination attempt against Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Madayev was killed by a blast when building a bomb in February 2012, Pyanzin was injured. Osmayev was caught a month later.
Pyanzin was extradited to Russia from Ukraine in August 2012. Osmayev extradition was stopped by the European Court of Human Rights.


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