Domino’s Pizza India website hacked by Turkish group?

The website for Domino’s India, the popular fast food pizza company was hacked by a Turkish group called, TurkishAjan. You can view the message posted by the group here.
The news was first reported by Cyberwarnews.Info. ZDNet has also reported on the same.  According to MediaNama, Domino’s India has not confirmed or responded to these reports. We’ll keep you updated in case Domino’s gives a response.
Screengrab of Dominos website.
However, the website is still operational and is still allowing users to place orders.
According  to the reports, it seems that the hacker group got access to over 37,000 account details from the website
The group then leaked the data which contained details such as addresses, names and phone numbers, onto Pastebin.
Previously hacker group Anonymous had hacked various websites in India to protest the government’s Internet censorship. The BJP, Congress websites and Reliance Internet users were some of the victims.


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