Dawood Ibrahim behind Azad Maidan violence in Mumbai: Intelligence Bureau

MUMBAI: The Intelligence Bureau has informed the Maharashtra government's home department that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's gang played a vital role in the violence at Azad Maidan in Mumbai last month. According to a senior officer of the state home ministry, the IB information is based on information collected through intercepts of international telephonic conversations.

All information related to how the violence at Azad Maidan was planned and executed has been handed over to Maharashtra home minister RR Patil. Just a day after the incident, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had told media that there was initial suspicion about the possibility of this violence being planned abroad. Now the telephonic intercepts show that there is evidence to prove this. IB officials who analysed the intercepts have identified the telephone numbers and voices of known underworld members lodged abroad.

An analysis of intercepts of international phone calls made from two cities in Pakistan to some mobile phones in Mumbai exposed the underworld's role in the violence. Some conversations took place on August 10, while most other calls were made on August 11, the day the incident happened.

Intelligence officials have drawn the conclusion that underworld gang members were given specific instructions on how to mix with protestors who had taken out a rally, how to start the violence and whom to target. "The motive was to cause chaos and possibly instigate communal riots in other parts of the city", the official said.

The telephonic intercepts will also be useful for Mumbai Police to identify people who were taking instructions from their handlers in Pakistan. Mumbai Police have already arrested some rioters who have previous criminal cases against them.
Source http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Dawood-Ibrahim-behind-Azad-Maidan-violence-in-Mumbai-Intelligence-Bureau/articleshow/16293214.cms


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