Bomb hoax, emergency landing at Lahore airport

LAHORE: A hoax bomb call briefly disrupted services at the Lahore airport today, after external affairs minister S M Krishna's special plane took off.

While the bomb threat at a Karachi-bound PIA flight turned out to be a hoax, another Pakistan International Airlines flight made an emergency landing at the airport minutes after Krishna's departure.

According to officials, a PIA flight going from Islamabad to Karachi had to make an emergency landing in Lahore after the Boeing was hit by a bird.

"The bird hit the pilot's window. The pilot made a safe emergency landing and all 181 passengers on board remained unhurt," a PIA spokesman told PTI.

In the other incident, a Karachi-bound flight was delayed for a couple of hours after authorities received information from an unidentified person that a bomb had been planted in the plane.

"After a thorough search, the alert turned out to be a hoax," the spokesman said.


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