Video: Hamas terrorists kill dog, invade house and then set it on fire

As the Israel-Hamas conflict rages on for the fourth consecutive day on Tuesday (Oct 10), a disturbing video has come to the fore showing Hamas militants invading a southern Israel property, shooting a dog dead and then setting a house on fire.

The chilling video, recorded through bodycam footage, surfaced on social media platform X on Tuesday (Oct 10).

The clip further showed Hamas walking into a house in Kibbutz Kissufim town, opening the fridge, and then setting the home on fire.

Trigger warning: The following video shows a disturbing incident. Viewer's discretion is advised

According to reports, the video dates back to the start of the surprise assault launched on early Saturday morning when the country first came under attack. The initial casualty was reported from a music festival in the desert near the Gaza-Israel border.

More than 260 bodies were recovered from the festival site and was described as the worst massacre in Israel’s history.

More than 1,500 people have been killed since then, leading Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare "we are at war." 

"Israel is at war...Hamas will understand that by attacking us, they have made a mistake," Netanyahu said.

Israel’s warning to Gaza

Meanwhile, Israel’s military has warned that it considers Gaza's parliament and civilian ministries as legitimate targets in its war against the Hamas terror group.

Responding to the media, spokesperson Richard Hecht said, “If there’s a gunman firing rockets from there, it turns into a military target."

He also said that they won’t warn the targets before firing the missiles, adding that Israel’s air force is stretched thin.

Hecht further said that the military has found around 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants in Israeli territory as it said it had largely gained control in the country’s south and “restored full control” over the border on the fourth day of fighting following an unprecedented surprise attack.

Hecht also did not rule out the possibility of more infiltrations in the country.

Disclaimer: WION takes utmost care to accurately and responsibly report ongoing developments on the Israel-Palestine conflict after the Hamas attacks. However, we cannot independently verify the authenticity of all statements, photos and videos.




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